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Father's Day Gift Ideas For Hard to Shop For Dads

May 14th 2018

It can sometimes be hard to find the perfect gift for dad for Father’s Day. If you’re stuck, not to worry - we can help you brainstorm and come up with some great ideas he’ll love!

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Think Utility

Fathers often love items that are useful and solve a problem. Is he handy around the house? Get him a some new tools or replace any old or broken ones he has lying around. Has he been talking about a project he wants to get done? Give him a head start with materials or a gift card to his local home improvement store. Has he been mentioning a new hobby he’d like to try? Surprise him with a how-to book and some materials to start him off on the right foot.

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Appeal to His Sense of Humor

Does your dad or husband give a whole new meaning to the phrase “dad jokes”? This is a great jumping-off point for gift ideas. Use a funny memory from the past or inside joke to help guide your search, or set up an elaborate prank if he’s a bit of a jokester. Laughter is one of the best experiences to share with family, so whether it’s a gag gift or a funny card, do something that will give him a chuckle or two.

father and son hiking at sunrise

Gift Your Time

Not all people are into receiving physical gifts, so if your dad is one of them, simply give him your time and attention instead. Take him to his favorite restaurant, buy tickets to go see one of his favorite bands, or take a day trip together and rehash memories of your childhood with him. These are great ways to let him know how much you appreciate him and make some fun new memories along the way.

photos of grandfather and son playing sports

Make it Personal

Above all, make sure your gift is personal. Take some time to think about who your dad is as a person and ponder the following questions - what does he like to do in his spare time? What puts him in a good mood? How does he unwind after a long day? If he’s on social media, check out the pages that he follows to give you a little more insight to his interests. You can also gather some old photos from throughout the years and make him a photo album of your favorite memories together.

Father's Day Gift Ideas For Hard to Shop For Dads

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