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Decorating A Small Space For Christmas

Oct 27th 2020

When you live in a small space, every inch counts. But, a small space doesn’t mean you can’t have big holiday decorating expectations. We have a few space-saving tips that will bring Christmas cheer into the smallest of places. Let these few ideas help embrace that holiday spirit throughout your space for all to enjoy this holiday season!

Must-Have Mini Wall Trees

A lush, full tree is fun to decorate, but it can take up a lot of space. Maximize your decorations without cutting into your floor space with a 3’ pre-lit Wall Tree. These wall trees are designed with branches on one side only, giving the appearance of a full, lush Christmas tree that fits neatly against the wall. That also means you only decorate half the tree. Save space and time with these beautiful Christmas wall trees!

Lights Galore

Christmas lights never fail to make a space feel ready for the holidays. Enjoy that comfortable and inviting atmosphere in your space by adding a few warm white lights over your curtains. A small room can serve as a great backdrop for unique snowflake or star lights. Or, create a festive look no one will miss by hanging a few globe lights from your ceiling. Christmas lights take up little space, yet make a big difference during the holiday season!

Swap Out The Throw Pillows

Stockings are the perfect way to liven up your mantel for the holidays while taking up little space! During the holidays, your mantel will become the focal point of your space so dress it up with stylish stockings. Now, if you don’t have a mantel, no problem! Create your own miniature mantel using a hanging shelf. Use twine and clothespins to hold the stockings and add a piece of garland for that cheerful touch.

Step Outside With Christmas Wreaths

If you’re still looking for more space, step outside and dress up your front door. One of the best ways to create that welcoming atmosphere during the holiday season is with Christmas wreaths. Save space inside and hang one on your front door. Everyone (including you) will be welcomed into your home with a holiday charm. Whether you find joy in a beautiful traditional frosted pine wreath or want to get a little creative with an iced burlap wreath, there are wreaths for every front door. Welcome your guests with a festive wreath!

A small space doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a big Christmas display. There are always ways to get creative and maximize your space. We hope these tips help you when you begin decorating this year! If you are still looking for a few more Christmas decorations, check out our favorites here!

Decorating A Small Space For Christmas

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