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Create The Perfect Thanksgiving Table

Nov 7th 2017

Create The Perfect Thanksgiving Table

Your dinner table is the focal point on Thanksgiving, and everyone looks forward to sharing a meal around a beautiful table filled with home-cooked dishes. This year, create a theme your guests will love. The following are a few Thanksgiving decorating ideas for your Thanksgiving table.

“Where do I sit?”:

A simple way to decorate your table is to add some place settings. Everyone wants to know where the host wants them to sit anyway. Make it easy for them!

You can collect used corks or take some clothing pins or doll pins and turn these into place card holders.

If you want to personalize your place settings, you can use some old photos on plates to help guests find their seats. These photos can bring back some memories, and can be a great conversation starter.

Another tip - it may help to break up married couples or close family members to keep the conversations flowing among guests who don’t see each other often!

Bold in Blue:

If you’re looking for a traditional color scheme, blue, white and orange is a classic Thanksgiving combination. Bold blue accents, like cloth napkins and a table runner, can make your Thanksgiving tablescape pop. If you have blue plates, add an orange striped ribbon, table runner or place a white mini pumpkin on top of your plates.

Fall Harvest:

Keep it simple with a fall harvest theme for Thanksgiving. Using a base of white dishware and a white tablecloth, decorate your table with natural elements including pumpkins, squash, corn, leaves, gourds, pinecones and more. For example, you can add an autumn wreath and place a white candle in the middle to make an easy centerpiece.

Timeless Floral:

You can never go wrong with a floral centerpiece. Use fall-colored flowers (red, orange, and yellow) in your floral centerpiece and surround it with candles, gourds and more to create a seasonal look.

Dreaming of a White Thanksgiving:

You don’t need to go all out with color. Sometimes, a simple white setup will stand out and let the food take center stage. Use white linens, napkins, pumpkins, and flowers.

Keep the Kids Busy:

Keep the children entertained with a table of their very own. You can use craft paper for a tablecloth and add some crayons so the kids can doodle. Use a few mini pumpkins or gourds to add a little bit of color, and add a small candy dish or put some treats in party favor bags for a take home gift for each child.

Less is More:

A Thanksgiving table doesn’t always have to be over the top and decorated from head to toe, especially if it’s going to be filled with food to pass. If your table is going to be crammed, it may be just to add a few items and a small centerpiece. For example, adding a small centerpiece like this candled one, a Thanksgiving table runner and some ribbon may be all you need to complete your table.

Once you know how you’re going to decorate your table, make sure that you have all the supplies that you need. Take a look at the Thanksgiving decoration selection that Christmas Central has available.