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Craft The Perfect Thanksgiving Table

Craft The Perfect Thanksgiving Table

Oct 9th 2018

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner can be stressful. Experienced hosts know that it is never too early to start preparing. Plan out your tablescape now, to save some time before the big day. Here are four great ideas and tips to help you craft the perfect Thanksgiving table.

Eliminate the Guesswork:

With all the dishes that come with Thanksgiving, how is everyone going to keep track of it all? Let your guests set up a game plan for filling their plates by making a few dinner menus for the feast. Or, use a chalkboard and write out the menu to post in the dining room. Additionally, you can print out labels to avoid any confusion. This is especially helpful if anyone has food allergies or dietary restrictions.

Switch Up The Design Scheme:

Put a spin on the traditional table setting to make your table a bit more unique. Mixing together a white tablecloth with wood accents can create a beautiful spin on a traditional look. Another idea is to reverse the color scheme all-together. Instead of a traditional look of orange pumpkins and the usual white tablecloth, switch things up by using an orange tablecloth and decorating with white pumpkins.

Table Setting for Thanksgiving Dining Table

The Ideal Place Setting:

Have you ever wondered the right way to set the plates and cutlery? There are a number of different methods, so here is a simple one that you can use. First, place your dinner plate in the middle with a salad plate on top (if one is being used) and a tablecloth on top of all of this. The knife and spoon should be placed on the right side with the knife being the closest to the plate. Place the fork on the left. Above the plate, put glasses on the right and a bread plate on the left. If placing dessert utensils, put them in the middle above the plate.

For a finishing touch, think about adding a small decorative piece or a name card to each plate.

Striking Centerpiece:

You can use your centerpiece to create a striking display. If the table is going to be too crowded, opt for smaller objects like candles instead. Keep the centerpiece short - you don’t want to block the people who are sitting across from you. The goal is to create ambiance, while making conversation easy. Also, keep in mind how much table space you need. If you need space for all of the dishes, you’re going to want to keep your centerpiece small. Take a look at our  fall centerpiece blog for some great ideas.

With these tips, you should be ready to craft the perfect Thanksgiving table. Take a look at our  Thanksgiving decorations for anything that you might need to complete the look.