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A Guide to a Spring Break Staycation

Feb 1st 2019

As spring break approaches, students who are not going on extravagant trips will be looking for things to do at home on their week off. Whether you’re in middle school or college, there are plenty of things to do at home to enjoy your time off from school. Spending this week at home is relaxing and most important, it saves you money! We hope this guide helps you this spring break.

Catch Up on Netflix

When you’re in school, it’s hard to keep up with your favorite shows on Netflix or Hulu. This week is the perfect time to either catch up on your favorite shows or start a new one. Who doesn’t like to binge watch shows for a day or night? It’s a great way to relax at home, and even spend time with your family if they enjoy the shows too. If there’s one piece of advice we can give you, it would be to make sure you finish up the series before you go back to school! 

Go Explore Your City

Even though you may have lived in your hometown your entire life, now’s a great time to explore parts of the city you haven’t been to. Try restaurants you haven’t been to, go shopping a new stores in the area, or explore the new nightlife. This is a great way to spend time with friends who you haven’t seen in a while. Set a day to meet up and go enjoy everything your city has to offer. There’s nothing better than catching up with friends and enjoying your city!

Catch Up on Your Much Needed Sleep

When you’re in school, you tend to stay up late doing homework or attending extracurricular activities. With that said, there’s no doubt you’re probably tired. There’s no better time to catch up on your sleep than during spring break. You have no work to do or activities to attend, so sleep in! When you get back to school, you’ll be refreshed and ready to get back to work. Enjoy your time off by catching up on much needed sleep.

Spend Quality Time With Family

There’s nothing more important in this world than your family. What better time to be with each other than during spring break. Spend quality time together doing fun activities in the city or just relaxing at home. It’s not about what you choose to do during this time, it’s about the time spent with each other while your home from school. 

Every student looks forward to that week off from school in the spring. It doesn’t matter what you do during the break, it’s a relaxing week away from school work. If you choose to stay at home, you have plenty of things to do. Have fun with your friends in your hometown, or just catch up on your sleep. Whatever you choose, just make sure you relax and don’t think too much about school! 

A Guide to a Spring Break Staycation

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