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5 Valentine Decoration Finds You Can’t Go Without

Jan 13th 2020

5 Valentine Decoration Finds You Can’t Go Without

Odds are your Christmas decorations and tree are down by now, correct? We all wish we could keep those decorations up, but there are other holidays to look forward to. Now is the perfect time to create a cozy and festive look in your home for Valentine’s Day. Decorating for Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be complicated nor expensive. Use some of our favorite Valentine’s Day decorations to help create that perfect look in your home this year.

Heart Designed Throw Blanket

Stay Warm & Give Off Valentine’s Vibes With Throw Blankets

There’s nothing better than sitting in your home on those cold winter nights snuggled up on your couch. It’s only fitting that as Valentine’s Day approaches you take a throw blanket like this charming heart designed one and make it a part of your home decor. The red and white colors will bring that festive look into the room while keeping it cozy all season long. It’s a simple decor item that can make a big difference in your home as the holiday arrives.

Valentine's Table Top Decorations

Spruce Up Your Mantel With Valentine’s Sitting Decorations

We know you probably had beautiful garland or Christmas lights hanging on your mantel throughout the Christmas season. If your mantel seems bare now for Valentine’s Day, sitting decorations like these will bring that festive look back. Don’t forget you can always add pink or red mini lights to your mantel too. We know that these Valentine’s Day dolls will make the perfect accent decorations for your home this season!

Red & White Love Valentine's Pillow

Stay Cozy With Valentine’s Pillows

If you’re like us, you tend to use decorative pillows for different holidays. Valentine’s Day is no exception. Add a little charm to your living room with some beautiful (and comfy) Valentine’s throw pillows. They will add that romantic look in your home while keeping that cozy winter feel you need on those cold nights. From quoted to colorful pillows, you have plenty of options to choose from. Use these throw pillows as the perfect accent decoration for your living room!

Decorative Valentine's Wall Decor

Mix It Up With Valentine’s Wall Decor

We all want to add a little charm and character to our homes during the holidays, so Valentine’s inspired wall decor is the ultimate decoration for any home. From romantic quotes to simplified red and white designed pieces, they will bring out that festive touch in any room. Tag a wall decor piece on your wall and never forget that love is in the air throughout Valentine’s season. Let wall decor like this be a statement piece as you begin to decorate for Valentine’s Day.

Heart-Shaped Valentine Wreath

Complete The Look With Valentine’s Wreaths

Last but not least, Valentine’s wreaths! We all know how beautiful Christmas wreaths are, so why not try out a few Valentine’s wreaths in your home? Remind yourself (and your guests) that this is the most romantic season with heart-shaped wreaths. With plenty of different styles to choose from, you can find the perfect one for your home. These wreaths are an inexpensive and beautiful way to complete the look of your home when you decorate for Valentine’s Day. 

So, even though you still may be a tad sad about taking down your Christmas decorations, it’s time to look forward to Valentine’s Day. There’s so much you can do to decorate, and it can spruce up your home in so many different ways with beautiful colors, romantic quotes, and more. How will you use your Valentine’s decorations this year?