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5 Tips for Warm Winter Decor After The Christmas Season

Dec 7th 2020

Christmas Decorations

The hustle and bustle of the Christmas season is over. Sadly, those Christmas decorations will be making their way into the storage bins. Unfortunately, putting Christmas decorations away doesn’t mean it’s the end of winter. So how do you transition your home from Christmas to just winter? We have a few tips to help you keep coziness and warmth all winter.

Add Warmth With Candles

Lighting a few candles on those cold winter nights is a great way to keep your house cozy during the winter. Add ambiance in your kitchen or bring accent lighting into your living room with your favorite candles and candle lanterns. If you have pets or small children and worry about potential fire hazards, you should try flameless candles. They give off the same flickering glow without an actual flame.

Seasonal Wreaths

Wreaths are the perfect way to welcome any season. When Christmas comes to an end, switch out the festive wreaths for more neutral tone ones. A popular trend when decorating for winter is using eucalyptus wreaths. They feature beautiful neutral, natural greenery that you will enjoy during the dark winter months. Take a look at our wreaths here!

Comfortable Throw Blankets

There’s nothing like snuggling up on your couch with a throw blanket on cold winter nights. Throw blankets are the perfect way to bring that warm and comforting feeling to your space. Choose from a variety of white and gray blankets that will add both winter tones and textures to your space. Cozy up at night under these blankets and showcase them by draping over your furniture during the day. Throw blankets are a must-have during winter!

Brighten It Up With Lights

Switch out your seasonal green and red lights for timeless white lights this winter. Highlight your mantel by adding a strand of mini lights to it. Or, get creative and use battery-operated lights in a mason jar for a romantic look. Christmas lights don’t have to be confined to the weeks leading up to the holiday. They can make a statement in your home in any season. Let the white lights add warmth to your home!

Traditional Garland

Don’t put away your green garland just yet!  Traditional garland can still blend in with your winter decor. Having greenery throughout your home as winter carries on is important. Why not keep out the garland? Remove any decorations like berries, ornaments, etc if you like. Keep it where it was for Christmas or move it around just for winter. Whatever you do, you’re going to love the greenery!

Christmas may be over, but decorating for winter can be just as fun! We hope these tips give you the inspiration to decorate your home this season. Curious to see if you can do anything with other Christmas decorations? Check out these ideas!

5 Tips for Warm Winter Decor After The Christmas Season

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