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5 Tips for Hosting That Perfect Outdoor Party

Jun 6th 2019

Bringing family and friends together on those warm nights is the perfect way to enjoy the nice weather and each other’s company. There’s so much you can do as the host to make your gathering fun for everyone. With a little planning and help from others, you can create that perfect outdoor party this year!

Patio Furniture Around Fire Pit

1. Properly Setup Your Patio Furniture

The first and probably the most important thing to consider when preparing for an outdoor party is properly setting up your patio furniture. Being outdoors doesn’t mean you have to be formally seated at a table. Make it casual with your table setting. Let your guests sit at your patio table or bar if you have one. This is a great way to let all of your guests interact with each other while eating. One of the benefits to having an outdoor party is the ability to have a less formal seating arrangement. Take advantage of it!

Patio Lights Hanging Above Pool

2. Use Patio Lights for Extra Lighting

There’s no doubt your party will carry into the night. Decorate your backyard patio with beautiful or even unique patio lights to add extra lighting. Hang them from trees, gutters, etc. to give your patio that extra light when night time rolls around. Another option you have for adding light to your patio is with decorative citronella candles. These candles will add some light on your patio while keeping those pesty mosquitoes away. Keep your party going all night long with backyard lighting options.

Red Egg Grill on Patio

3. Get That Grill Station Ready

Everyone enjoys food from the grill during a cookout. Before guests come over, get your grill ready by checking your propane tank and cleaning the racks. Keep foil and grilling tools handy so you can make sure the food gets cooked properly. Show off your grilling skills at your party when you grill that amazing food.

Party Sized Cooler

4. Get Drinks for Both Adults & Kids

You can’t have an outdoor party without good summer drinks for both adults and kids. Find one or two summer-themed adult drink recipes that you can serve at your party. Your guests will enjoy the refreshing taste of almost any summer drink. For the kids, get some soda and power drinks that they may not always get to have. You can keep these drinks cold in a party sized cooler on your patio for easy access.

5. Tailor a Music Playlist for Your Party

Keep your guests entertained throughout your party with a dedicated playlist tailored to your party. Make this playlist fit the mood or theme of your party. Whether it’s energetic or calm, music is a great way to keep the mood set all night long. With your music, be sure not to play it too loud where your guests will become annoyed with it. Keep it low so conversations can still be carried on.

When you host your outdoor party, keep these five tips in mind so you can throw that perfect party for your guests. Enjoy those warm nights with family and friends outside on your patio! 

5 Tips for Hosting That Perfect Outdoor Party

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