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3 Easy Easter Craft Ideas With What You Have For Kids

Mar 24th 2020

3 Easy Easter Craft Ideas With What You Have For Kids

We hear it a lot; are there any simple Easter crafts I can do with my kids? The answer is yes! We picked out a few of our favorite and simplest crafts for little ones looking to help their parents decorate for Easter. This is the perfect way to spend time with your kids as you prepare for the holidays. Don’t worry about going out to get craft supplies because these include common supplies you have in your home!

Paper Plate Easter Bunny

Paper Plate Easter Bunny

For kids, the star of Easter is the Easter bunny! So, let your kids spend some time putting together a piece that will definitely welcome the Easter bunny into your home. These paper plate Easter bunnies are simple to make and there’s no doubt your kids’ will enjoy making them. 

  1. First, go get those spare paper plates. We do recommend using a combination of small and large-sized ones if possible.
  2. The only item you may need to get for this craft is the googly eyes. While you can draw the eyes on yourself, we believe the googly eyes are what makes this bunny so special! Once you have them, use glue to add them to the smaller plate to get the bunny’s face started. Following that, get a little creative with your kids and draw the whiskers and mouth on as you like.
  3. Now that the bunny’s face is complete, use the glue to attach the smaller plate to the large plate. While the glue is drying, feel free to add a cotton ball on the end of the large plate as the tail of the bunny. Your bunny is finished!

Decorated Tinfoil Easter Egg

Decorated Tinfoil Easter Eggs

Now that the Easter bunny is taken care of, let’s get creative with Easter eggs. We’re going to put the actual egg coloring aside right now, and do a craft with less mess. Get ready to hang some more Easter egg decorations around your house for the holiday!

  1. To make things easy for your kids, we recommend getting a piece of cardboard and start drawing out the shape of an Easter egg. Once you have the shape drawn out, have someone cut it out.
  2. Now, get the tinfoil out and place your egg on top of the foil. To make it easy, start by folding the edges of the egg, then begin to wrap the entire cardboard egg.
  3. If you have younger kids doing this activity, let them create their designs by sketching it out first. Give them a marker with the cap on and let them design their masterpiece Easter egg.
  4. Finish off this Easter egg activity by letting your kids color in their designs with the markers of their choice. Just like that, you’re done!

Paper Cup Easter Bunny

Paper Cup Easter Bunnies

Ready for more bunny decorations? We absolutely adore this paper cup Easter bunny craft idea, and there’s no doubt your kids will too. Whether you like to keep it simple or get creative, this craft is perfect for anyone!

  1. First, find a few paper cups you can use. It doesn’t matter what size or color.
  2. Now’s the time to make those fun bunny ears. Parents, if you have small kids, we recommend you do this part. Get some white construction paper and cut out the necessary amount of bunny-shaped ears for your cups. Or, trace them and let older kids cut them out themselves.
  3. Pastel-colored paint looks great, but really any color you have available will work to color the bunny ears. If you don’t have paint, wrapping it with light-colored paper is always an option.
  4. After you decorate the bunny ears to your liking, use glue to attach them to the cup.
  5. Creating the face of the bunny is based on your style and creativity. Feel free to use markers, googly eyes, pom poms or other craft supplies for this part.
  6. To finish it off, add that soft bunny tail by gluing a cotton ball on the back of the paper cup.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get your kids and spend some time creating Easter decorations they’ll be proud of and make those memories that will last forever! Check out our Easter decorations for more fun ways to decorate your home.