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10 Of The Prettiest Painted Pumpkins for Your Front Porch

Posted by on Oct 6th 2020

Step up your pumpkin decorating skills this season with these creative painted pumpkin ideas.

There is no better way to celebrate the fall season than decorating pumpkins! From mini chalk-painted pumpkins to gorgeous hand-painted marble creations, step up your style this year with these no-carve painted pumpkin ideas. These creative painted pumpkins think outside the box with modern metallics, fresh florals, and gold studs. Get inspired to take your pumpkin decorating to the next level with these pretty painted pumpkin projects!

1. Blue Crackle Glazed Pumpkins

Blue and green painted pumpkins galore! These cool-toned beauties take a twist on the classic fall colors by mixing light blue, aqua, and green paint. See how to get the crackle glazed ceramic look by following this easy step-by-step tutorial.

Light Blue Decorated Pumpkins

The Happy Housie

2. Halloween-Themed Painted Pumpkins

These spooky-cool painted pumpkins make ghosts and goblins less scary, and more stylish. Chalkboard and white spray paint plus a couple of markers are all you need to make these Halloween-themed painted pumpkins!

Halloween-Themed Painted Pumpkins

Linen, Lace & Love

3. Hand-Painted Floral Pumpkin

Think outside the pumpkin this year and create your own stunning design. DIY this beautiful hand-painted floral pumpkin to display in your house all year long!

Hand-Painted Floral Pumpkin

Craftberry Bush

4. Studded Chalk-Painted Pumpkins

Take a walk on the wild side this season with these gold spiked and studded chalk-painted pumpkins. Get the secret to DIY-ing your own by checking out this quick tutorial.

Studded Chalk-Painted Pumpkins

Cuckoo 4 Design

5. Splatter Pumpkins

Gold leaf and splatter paint combine to create this chic painted pumpkin. With just a flick of the brush, you can have these cute mini gold leaf splatter pumpkins displayed around your home in under 30 minutes!

Splatter Pumpkins

Suite One Studio

6. Beach Ball Pumpkins

Not ready to let summer go? DIY these fun beach ball pumpkins that will bring the beach to your fall home! Red, blue, yellow and white paint will complete this no-carve pumpkin decorating idea.

Beach Ball Pumpkins

Paint The Gown Red

7. Watercolor Pumpkins

Purple, pink, and blue brushstrokes combine to create these pretty painted pumpkins. Try your hand at watercolor pumpkins this fall by following these six simple steps.

Watercolor Pumpkins

Lines Across

8. Floral Moon Pumpkin

DIY this floral moon pumpkin for the perfect mix of sweet and spooky! Use fresh or fake flowers and a craft pumpkin to make your own fall centerpiece with this festive floral pumpkin idea.

Floral Moon Pumpkin

The Merry Thought

9. Blue Porcelain Pumpkins

Love the porcelain look? These DIY blue porcelain pumpkins will blend right in with your dishes! See how to paint your own beautiful porcelain pumpkins by following these tips.

Blue Porcelain Pumpkins

Craftberry Bush

10. Marbled Pumpkins

The marble addiction continues this season with pretty pastel marbled pumpkins. Follow this guide to get the perfect marble look in a few easy steps.

Marbled Pumpkins

The new way to decorate pumpkins this fall.

A plain old pumpkin turned into a festive floral arrangement? Yes, you read it right. As the season transitions from summer to fall, pumpkins will slowly be filling your home. From your front steps to your kitchen table, there are plenty of uses for all shapes and sizes of pumpkins. Instead of carving the traditional scary faced pumpkin, transform your pumpkin into a handmade vase. Show off your favorite fall flowers above your fireplace or use a few mini pumpkin flower vases as a centerpiece for your next fall party.

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10 Of The Prettiest Painted Pumpkins for Your Front Porch

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