Set Of 50 LED C3 Red Mini Christmas Lights - Green Wire - 6684874

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HOFERT 2350-03
HOFERT 2350-03

Set of 50 LED C3 Mini Christmas Lights
Color: Red faceted bulbs with green wire
UL Listed for indoor/outdoor use
String to string - convenient end connectors allow you to connect multiple sets together
Replaceable bulbs have lamp lock technology which keep them secure and also allow you to take them out to replace if needed.

Unique Features of LED
Saves up to 98% energy
Ultra long life
Impact/Shake resistant
Generates minimal heat
Vibrant color will not fade or flake
No glass bulbs to replace or break

Number of lights on string: 50
Spacing between each bulb: 4"
Lighted length: 15.25 feet (4.6m)
Total Length: 16 feet (4.9m)

Product Weight: 1.00 LBS

Product Dimensions: 7.75"H x 2.25"W x 8.00"D