Set of 288 Red LED Angel Tear Drop Branch Icicle Christmas Light Curtain - 11568190

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Set of 288 Micro LED Branch Icicle Christmas Lights
Item #X108053

Decorators dream come true. This unique light set is so versatile because it acts as a branch garland/icicle light set/light curtain

1 line with 4 bendable, red and bronze wire branch drops
Color: red LED bulbs
Number of bulbs on entire set: 288
Each drop has 72 bulbs
Bulb size: micro rice
Spacing between drops: 10 inches
Length of each drop: 6 feet
16 feet white lead cord
Wire gauge: 22

Additional product features:
LED lights use 80% less energy
Super bright bulbs
If one bulb burns out, the rest will stay lit
Durable non-glass bulbs
Cool to the touch
UL listed for indoor use only
Each branch screws securely into its own lamp holder
Lamp holders have clips for easy hanging
AC adapter included
Adapter input: 120 volts, 60 hertz, .5 amps, 60 watts
Adapter output: 9 volts, 1.2 amps
Adapter is class 2 power supply
UL listed for indoor use only
Non-replaceable bulbs
Cannot connect multiple sets together