Set of 20 Blue and Pure White LED Snowman Novelty Christmas Lights - White Wire - 23113443

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Set of 20 Snowman LED Christmas Lights
Item #G44B4R11

Color: clear bulbs with blue and clear snowman light covers / white wire
Number of bulbs on string: 20
Bulb size: rice light
Light type: LED
Spacing between each light: 6 inches
Lighted string length: 9.5 feet
Total string length: 10.5 feet
Dimensions of each snowman: 2.5 inches

Additional product features:
If one bulb goes out the rest will stay lit
Bulbs stay cool to the touch
LED lights will save up to 90% on energy costs
UL listed for indoor and outdoor use
End-to-end connectors allow you to connect up to 66 sets of these lights together (not to exceed 210 watts)
120 volts, 60 hertz, 0.027 amps, 3.2 watts