Set of 100 Clear & Frost Mini Christmas Lights - Green Wire - 7575547

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Set of 100 Christmas Lights
Item #W4G1016

Color: a mix of clear and frosted clear bulbs / green wire (every other bulb is clear, then frosted clear)
Number of bulbs on string: 100
Bulb size: mini
Spacing between each bulb: 4 inches
Lighted string length: 32 feet
Total string length: 33 feet

Additional product features:
These lights are made to commercial specifications
If one light goes out the rest will stay lit
Lights are equipped with Lamp Lock feature, which makes them replaceable, interchangeable and keeps them from falling out.
Replaceable bulb, fuses, and blinker bulbs included
End-to-end connectors allow you to connect multiple sets together (not to exceed 210 watts)
UL listed for indoor/outdoor use
120 volts, 60 hertz, .34 amps, 40.8 watts
Wire gauge: 22
Material(s): glass bulbs/wire