Over the Hill Birthday Cake, Old Man, Party Hats Funny Magnetic Door Decorations - 31009477

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DDD OH0109
DDD OH0109

Decorating needn't be time consuming or dangerous!
Anyone from children to the elderly can decorate safely with these magnetic displays
Reusable and weather resistant
Decorations can be displayed on your garage door, front door, refrigerator door or any metal surface
Can be easily installed and removed without causing surface damage

Includes 35 printed decorations: 11 letters spelling "Over the Hill", the numbers 1-7, 1 old man, 1 birthday cake, 1 old goat, 1 traffic cone, 2 caution signs, 1 cane, 6 party hats and 5 dentures
Comes with 36 magnetic strips which allow you to arrange your display in any order on your door

Cake 10" X 13"
Old man 7.5" X 14.5"
Cane 3" X 9"
Caution sign 5.75" X 5.75"
Traffic cone 7.25" X 8.25"
Old goat 9.5" X 12.5"
Dentures 2.5" X 4.25" to 3" X 5"
Hats 3" X 4.5" to 5" X 7"
Material(s): PVC/magnets