Eco-Friendly EcoOne Alkalinity Plus+ Professional Water Balancing System for Pools and Spas 2lb - 31377019

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When pool water has a low total alkalinity, it's difficult to maintain the pH of the water in the proper range of 7.2 7.6. This difficulty is commonly referred to as "pH bounce."
Low total alkalinity causes pitting, etching and weakening of plaster pool surfaces as well as corrosion of metal fixtures in the pool - Alkalinity Plus+ is a great remedy for this
Makes pH and chlorine levels easier to control
For best results, always adjust Alkalinity BEFORE pH

Weight: 2lbs canister

About ecoone
ecoone non-toxic pool and spa products were created for those who desire simple, nature-inspired, environmentally friendly products for their pool and spa
Products are simple-to-use and take the guess work out of maintaining pools and spas
Since 1997, ecoone has been the leader in developing natural-based pool and spa treatment systems
The ecoone system reduces and/or eliminates the majority of your spa care chemical regimen including foam reducers, pH up, pH down, clarifiers, scum digesters, filter cleaning products and chlorine/bromine

ecoone features:
Free of dyes, perfumes and fragrances
Free of petroleum based chemicals: no VOCs
Made using enviro-friendly ingredients
Natural ingredients means softer skin and less irritation to eyes
Recyclable packaging
Made in the USA