Club Pack of 60 Bloody Finger Halloween Decorations in Assorted Sizes - 31558595

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DBEI 00840
DBEI 00840
3.00 LBS

These severed digits are sure to add a creep-tacular feel to your Halloween party
Each finger appears to be severed at the bone and accented with red paint to create a realistic look
For adults only - not intended for children
For indoor or outdoor use

Dimensions of each:
Thumb: 2.5" high x 1" wide
Index: 3.5" high x 1" wide
Middle: 4" high x 1" wide
Ring: 3.75" high x 1" wide
Pinkie: 3" high x 1" wide

Material(s): rubber

Includes 12 packs of 5 - for a total of 60 pieces

Product Weight: 3.00 LBS

Product Dimensions: 4.00"H x 1.00"W x 1.00"D