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The Perfect Summer Day For Kids (On A Budget)

Jun 26th 2020

School is officially done, and it’s time for both you and your kids to really enjoy summertime! Many parents are experiencing camp cancellations and other activity changes, but one thing doesn’t have to change and that’s summertime fun. Parents may be wondering what they can do to keep their kids entertained for the next few months. We planned out a day of fun you can have with your kids during the summer at very little cost. We hope you enjoy your summer!

A Morning Family Bike Ride

There’s nothing better than a nice bike ride with your kids. It’s a great way to bond while enjoying the outdoors. Now, not too many people want to go for bike rides in the scorching heat. That’s why we think once you finish up that delicious breakfast, it would be the perfect time to hit the bike path. Plus, we know you’re kids are up (too) early anyway! It’s a great way to get that exercise in while burning some of that never-ending kid’s energy off early in the morning. Score some educational bonus points by bringing binoculars and looking for birds or pointing out types of trees. Whether you go for 30 minutes or an hour, your kids will love every minute of it!

Cool Off Playing Water Balloon Baseball

When you come back from your bike ride, there’s a good chance you’ll be looking for a way to cool off. There’s absolutely no better way to cool down than using some water balloons. Sure, you could just fill up water balloons and play around with them, but why not have a little more fun and make them last longer? Here’s how:

  1. Use four towels as bases.
  2. The batter is trying to break the water balloon from the pitcher.
  3. Once the water balloon is broken, the batter runs to first base and the pitcher can try to get them out by hitting them with a water balloon.
  4. If any runner around the bases is hit with a water balloon by the pitcher they are out.

Memories Around The Outdoor Dinner Table

One of the most important ways to build a solid foundation for any family is family dinners. The quality family time allows each family member to be heard and share memorable stories. During the summer, your kids will absolutely love a few spontaneous dinners outside on your patio. The change in scenery shakes up a typical dinner. On these warm nights, why not let them help out? If your kids are cooperative, you could all set the table or bring the food outside. Once you’re all seated, enjoy that delicious meal and let those memories begin at the dinner table!

Summer Nights Are Made For Bonfires & S’mores

After you finish up that delicious meal, it’s time to finish off the day with a nice bonfire and tasty s’mores. There’s something about sitting around a bonfire on a summer night eating s’mores. Whatever age your kids are, being around that firepit brings out memorable stories from years past and new stories that will be told for years to come. This will all be done while your kids are asking you to make s’mores all night long! Sitting around the fire pit on a summer night with your kids is the perfect way to end a fun-filled day. 

Despite what may be going on, nothing will take away the fun of summer even if it’s spent at home. Your kids deserve a fun couple of months and we hope these few ideas help you give them the summer they deserve! If you need some inspiration on adding personality to your patio with firepits check out our tips here.

The Perfect Summer Day For Kids (On A Budget)

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