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Non-Candy Easter Egg Hunt Prizes

Jan 23rd 2023

Your family just got over its Christmas cookie sugar hangover when Valentine’s Day came along, with its hard candies and chocolate hearts. Now, Easter is on the horizon and you’re contemplating another several days to weeks of steady sweets consumption for your kids. While candy is an Easter staple, it doesn’t have to be the focus of every activity. Easter Egg Hunts, for instance, are supposed to be about the eggs, right? So why do we fill them with more sugary treats?

If you’d like an alternative to candy-filled Easter eggs, consider these non-candy Easter Egg Hunt suggestions that won’t cause a sugar rush.

collection of colorful Easter eggs

Hide Real Eggs

If you can swing it, hide real decorated eggs for your egg hunt. Children will delight in the fact that the Easter Bunny hid the eggs they so carefully decorated! Two words of caution, however:

  1. Depending on the temperature to which they’re exposed, boiled eggs can spoil quickly. The CDC recommends leaving boiled eggs out of the fridge no longer than two hours; discard them after one hour when the temperature is over 90 degrees.
  2. Bad eggs smell bad. Really bad. If you’re going to hide your decorated hard boiled eggs, write down all your hiding places and check them once the hunt is over. That way, there won’t be any unpleasant surprises – or smells – later on.

bright blue plastic dinosaur toy

Play Along

What lasts longer than candy and can be just as fun? Toys! For a fun non-candy Easter egg filler, visit your local party supply or dollar store and stock up on tiny trinkets. Items that fit inside a plastic Easter Egg can include toy cars, finger puppets, mini dinosaurs and other animals, plastic jewelry, army figures, colorful erasers, temporary tattoos, etc. When dealing with toddlers, however, remember that small gifts like these can be a choking hazard. Instead, a cuddly bunny or stuffed animal prize given at the end of the egg hunt makes a great substitute. 

close up of American quarter, penny

Change it Up

Many families opt to put a little spare cash into Easter eggs for children to find. It can be anything from a penny to a quarter to a dollar bill. For an extra special surprise, hide something your kids might never even have seen before – gold dollar coins. What child wouldn’t be thrilled to find some “treasure” inside their Easter eggs! 

raspberry blackberry strawberry and cherry

Healthy Snacks

If you want to give your child an edible treat for Easter, there are plenty of options that don’t involve candy. Easter eggs can fit a variety of small snacks including raisins, popcorn, cereal, small crackers, baby carrots or fresh berries. Simply fill a small baggie (to avoid a mess later), place it inside the egg and you’re good to go. 

movie tickets with a reel of film and gummy bears

Golden Ticket

Redeemable coupons are another clever non-candy Easter Egg filler. Fill your Easter eggs with handmade vouchers for your kids’ favorite activities like a trip to a park, playground, the zoo, the movies or dinner at their favorite restaurant. This beats the momentary pleasure of candy by giving them something fun to look forward to as a family.

Non-candy Easter Egg Hunt prizes do exist! With a little imagination, your kids can enjoy a traditional holiday activity that is sweetly sugar-free.

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