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5 Unique Ways To Celebrate Halloween

Sep 8th 2020

The most spooktacular holiday is approaching us. Soon, you will be decorating your home with haunted decorations while your kids are putting together their creative costumes. When Halloween night comes, it doesn’t always have to be going from house to house trick-or-treating or hosting an all-night party. As you plan out your Halloween, try a few of these different ways to celebrate with your family. Everyone gets to enjoy the spookiness of Halloween, and of course the candy that comes with it!

Trick Or Treating In Your Backyard

Bring the fun of trick or treating into your backyard with a Halloween hunt. Take some candy and goodies your kids can’t get enough of and hide them throughout your yard. After your kids dress up in their costumes, have them go on a little scavenger hunt. Have them go on their quest during the day or let them grab a flashlight and go in the darkness of Halloween night. Your kids can enjoy their hunt for as long or as short as you want. It’s the perfect alternative to trick or treating still giving your kids all the candy they want!

Homemade Haunted House

It never quite feels like Halloween until you’ve been to a haunted house. However, what if you brought that haunted house to your home? Creating an age-appropriate haunted house with your kids is the perfect way to get ready for the holiday. Now, not all haunted houses have to have those creepy decorations in it. Place an artificial black tree in your living room decorated with orange lights or purple garland while leaving no space going unused with a smiling pumpkin window silhouette. These decorations can help create that fun haunted house look and feel in your home. This is a great way to spend time with your kids while getting your home ready for Halloween.

Bake Cookies With Your Kids

Kids love to spend time with their parents in the kitchen baking, especially on holidays. On Halloween night, let your kids pick out their favorite cookies to make. With a little supervision, let them bake and decorate their own festive Halloween cookies. Make sure you have the extra frosting, sprinkles, and other decorating toppings your kids will want to add to their cookies once they come out of the oven! It’s a fun way to enjoy time together while making some tasty treats for everyone to eat on Halloween night. 

Halloween Trivia Night - PDF Questions Included

Are your kids ready to call themselves the “ultimate trivia champion”? Sure, your kids may have put together their costumes, successfully conquered the Halloween hunt, and baked some tasty cookies, but can they answer a few fun trivia questions about Halloween? Sit down with everyone and start asking these questions we put together for your Halloween trivia night!

Click here for the Halloween Trivia Questions.

Click here for the answers.

Host A Halloween Movie Night

Turn off those lights, make a bunch of popcorn, and get comfortable on your couch for a long night of Halloween themed movies. What we love about Halloween is introducing Halloween movies to your young ones. Of course, the type of movies you watch all depends on your kids. Whether you have kids who are just looking for light Halloween fun or tweens working their way up to scarier movies, having a movie night is perfect for the whole family. Binge-watch as many movies as you want, there’s no doubt this will keep your kids entertained for hours. 

We hope these ideas help you plan out your Halloween night this year. We think it’s always a good idea to change it up once in a while and we know we will try some of these this year. If you are looking for some more Halloween decorations, check out some of our favorites here!

5 Unique Ways To Celebrate Halloween

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