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5 Halloween Porch Decorations That Are Spooky Amazing

Sep 14th 2020

Porch Halloween Decorations

As Halloween night approaches, spook up the entrance to your own haunted house with some amazing yet frightful porch decorations. Whether you’re looking to scare your guests or make those trick-or-treaters second guess ringing your doorbell, having a haunted vibe is a must. We know there are plenty of Halloween decorations to choose from, so we picked out some of our favorite porch decorations to spook your visitors.

Scary Scarecrow Jack-O-Lantern

The jack-o-lanterns evil eyes can easily bring that Halloween touch to your front porch. However, we were a little more afraid of this jack-o-lantern displayed like a scarecrow. Every time someone walks by this jack-o-lantern you can be sure they will jump back when they notice the rotating head featuring bright LED lights. With this being a battery-operated decoration, we found that placing it next to your front door is perfect for terrifying your neighbors and visitors just a little bit!

Enormous Black Spider With Flashing Eyes

Spiders are creepy enough for Halloween, but adding a four-foot spider on your porch would frighten almost everyone on Halloween night. Yes, the size of the spider makes us cringe, but it’s the flashing red LED eyes that spooks us out. This versatile spider is a must-have for any haunted space. Be careful though, when your visitors are coming by and don’t see the spider until those red eyes flash, they will definitely be scared for a few minutes!

Life-Size Wicked Witch With Flashing Eyes

Can witches really cast a spell over your home? With this witch decoration, we think yes. It proves how haunted and scary witches can be, especially on Halloween. While we love the detailed dress, cape, and witch hat, it was the flashing LED eyes that creeped us out. The combination of the clothing, eyes, and talking noises, it will frighten everyone who enters your front porch. It’s a must-have for your Halloween front porch!

Spooktacular Hanging Skeleton

Skeletons help create that bone-chilling look, right? Absolutely. After using this hanging skeleton decoration, it became really clear that skeletons complete the eerie look of any home. When you plug this battery-operated decoration in, watch as the combination between the black flowing gown and flashing LED red eyes creates that creepy decor item for your porch. Hang this skeleton above your jack-o-lanterns for that scary yet festive Halloween look on your front porch.

Witch-Themed Wreaths

Your door will be the real treat during Halloween with wreaths that add a haunted touch to your space. We hung this wreath and found it perfect for those looking to create that eerie porch scene. The combination of the orange-banded witch's hat and two striped legs with pointed shoes help bring the essence of horror to any space. 

Decorating outside for Halloween is fun for you and your neighbors. We hope these decorations help you create that one of a kind front porch that will scare your guests just a little bit. Want to see a few more decorations? Check out our collection here!

5 Halloween Porch Decorations That Are Spooky Amazing

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