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4 Ways to Add Personality to Your Backyard Patio

Feb 14th 2019

4 Ways to Add Personality to Your Backyard Patio

As spring approaches, people will begin to decorate their outdoor patios. Like decorating any space in your home, it expresses your home’s personality. Every year, new styles of decorating are introduced. This gives you the opportunity to really express who you are, and update the style of your home. During the summer months, time is spent outdoors on the patio with family and friends. What better way to impress them than with the latest decorating outdoor decorating trends?

Making a Statement with Patio Furniture

Nothing makes more of a statement on your outdoor patio than your furniture. With a variety of options to make your patio truly yours, it’s important to find the right furniture for your home. Whether your home is more modern or contemporary, there’s patio furniture that fits what you need. This year, you will notice patio furniture being more neutral in color with brighter colored accents. Find that beautiful dark gray loveseat and add some bright colored throw pillows on it for a beautiful patio layout. Not sure what furniture fits your patio? We have the trending items for you to look at for some inspiration! 

Showcasing Your Home’s Style With Garden Statues

Are you looking to bring your home’s personality to the outdoors? Using garden statues is a great way to showcase your home’s design style, or begin a style if you don’t have one. There’s a variety of garden statues and fountains for homeowners to choose from. This allows you to tailor exactly what you want your front or backyard to look like. Whether you choose from a more modern style or contemporary, garden statues and fountains are the perfect accent to any yard.

Little Birdhouses Making a Big Statement

People think the only way to show off the personality of their home outdoors is on their outdoor patio. But what about outdoor decoration accents? Birdhouses are the perfect example of accents that can show off your home’s style. There’s a variety to choose from and even DIY birdhouse projects you can take on. It may seem like a small outdoor decoration, but it can show a lot about your home. From the style you have indoors to your own design personality. Of course, birds will love you too when you put one up in your yard!

The Unique Palm Tree Decorations

Are you looking for a unique way to decorate your patio and show off your personality? What better way than with outdoor palm tree decorations? Choose from a wide variety of artificial palm trees to add that extra decor accent to finish off your patio layout. Whether you decide you want a more common palm tree style or one that lights up, you’ll be sure to amaze your guests! If you’re new to the artificial palm tree decorations, we gathered some of our favorite ones for you here

Once the weather gets warmer, we know that people begin to take out their patio furniture and decor. With styles changing year after year, these are just a few ways you can bring the personality of inside your home outdoors. Now, let’s hope spring comes soon so we can decorate our patios!