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4 Perfect Americana Decorations for the Fourth of July

Jun 13th 2019

4 Perfect Americana Decorations for the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July brings family and friends together to enjoy the warm weather with cookouts and pool parties. It’s also a great time to go crazy with the red,white, and blue decor. With a lot of Americana decorations to choose from, our team has put together a list of must have items for this year. We hope this helps you decorate this year for your Fourth of July party!

4th of July BBQ Table Layout

Bring the Red, White & Blue to Your BBQ With Tablecloths

Celebrate Independence Day in style with red, white and blue tablecloths. These very patriotic tablecloths are ideal for your Fourth of July barbecues and other parties. It’s a simple way to show your holiday spirit and your guests will love the tablescape statement. If you’re hosting a July Fourth party this year, these are a must have!

Decorative July 4th Lights

Light Up Your Yard This Fourth of July With Lights

What better way to show your patriotic spirit than with decorative red, white and blue string lights? These star shaped lights are the perfect decoration for any home around the Fourth of July. They are simple but add that festive touch whether they’re indoors or out. Impress your neighbors and guests with beautiful star shaped Independence themed lights.Save them and use them again for Memorial Day or even Christmas!

Americana Bunting Flag

Keep it Traditional With an Americana Bunting Flag

If you’re someone who enjoys decorating for the Fourth of July, an Americana Bunting Flag is perfect for you. This common American decoration fits well at any home. It’s not uncommon to find multiple American bunting flags used at one house. Go traditional this year and get yourself an Americana bunting flag.

Patriotic Americana Wall Decor

Show Your Patriotic Pride Indoors With Wall Decor

Carry your Fourth of July decorating indoors with some beautiful wall decor. Show your pride of being an American with a wall decor piece like this one that says “Proud to be an American” or choose from a variety of others. Capture your guests attention with the stylish design of the wall decor piece and still show your patriotic spirit.

This Fourth of July, enjoy the day with family and friends with your house decorated with simple but very festive decorations