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15 Pool Floats for Adults That Will Make Waves at Any Party

Aug 24th 2017

15 Pool Floats for Adults That Will Make Waves at Any Party

Fun pool floats are just for kids right? Wrong! Here is a collection of our favorite pool floats and loungers that are made to be enjoyed by adults, too. From lounging rafts to pool games, we have something for everybody at your pool party this summer:

1. Funky Palm Tree Cooler

palm tree pool cooler

Let’s face it, normal coolers are boring. Not only that, but they are often bulky, heavy, and sit way out of reach for people trying to enjoy their time in the pool. Not anymore! Bring this fun luau-themed cooler into the pool with you and enjoy your favorite beverages on hand whenever you want.

2. Canopy Pool Lounger

Canopy Pool Lounger

Hanging out on a pool float soaking up the warmth of sun’s rays is one of the most relaxing feelings in the world, but ever notice how the sun is always in your eyes? Even sunglasses don’t do enough to keep your eyes properly protected. Don’t worry, we have you covered! This float comes with an overhead shade so you can focus on building that summer tan in the most comfortable way possible.

3. Ice Cream Cone Raft

Ice Cream Cone Pool Raft

Who says adult pool floats have to be boring? Summon your inner child with this fun ice cream cone- shaped lounger! So kick back, relax, and bask in the glow of the sun; this is one ice cream cone that won’t melt!

4. Root Beer Float

Root Beer Pool Float Raft

Perhaps a root beer “float” is more your style. We have those too! Even better, this particular float comes with its very own cooler attached so you can enjoy a cold beverage while lying on top of this cold beverage. Pretty cool, huh?

5. Floating Basketball Game

Pool Floating Basketball Game

Pool games aren’t just for kids! Make a splash at your party with fun games such as jumbo inflatable basketball! This game includes a floating net, a rugged inflatable ball, and even a convenient storage tote!

6. Inflatable Cooler & Beverage Raft

Pool Cooler Raft

Relax in the pool AND be a good host with this handy cooler raft! This raft can hold a full-size cooler and includes four beverage holders for uninterrupted relaxation time.

7. Jumbo Chocolate Dipped Pretzel

Pretzel Shaped Pool Float

Whether you’re feeling salty or sweet, this twisted pool float is sure to make you smile. Enjoy your lovable pretzel float alone or share with a friend – or two!

8. Floating Splash Volleyball Game

Floating Volleyball Pool Game

Pool time doesn’t just have to be about relaxing, it’s also a time for fun! You and your pool buddies can get a great workout with this convertible basketball and volleyball set. This set includes a net and a real-feel basketball and volleyball. Set it up in seconds, no tools required!

9. Giant Pizza Slice

Pizza Slice Pool Float

Every party is a pizza party with these fun floats! Each pizza lounger has 2 built-in drink holders and a comfortable “crust” headrest. Special connectors on the sides of each float attach to one another in case you want to make a giant pizza, so encourage your friends to grab a slice too!

10. Stack of Cash

money shaped pool float

Ever wondered what it would be like to lie on a big stack of Benjamins? Now you can! Give a whole new meaning to “cool cash” with this luxuriously fun and unique pool float. Your party guests are sure to love it!

11. Floating Loveseat with Cooler

Floating Loveseat with Cooler

Two is twice as nice, right? Grab your favorite pool partner and relax in this spacious pool float for two. With two cup holders and raised head and arm rests, this cozy chair serves as a peaceful and comfortable getaway.

12. 80's Style Boom Box Coolers

Boombox Shaped Pool Cooler

Wish you could go back to the carefree days of the 80’s? Check out these awesome boom box coolers! Keep up to (48) 12oz cans of soda or beer ice-cold in these fun, quirky pool coolers.

13. Hashtag Pool Float

Hashtag Shaped Pool Float

Ever wish you had your very own hashtag? Now you can be the #trending life of the party with this cool and hip pool float.

14. 9-Piece Aqua Fun Active Xtreme Game Kit

Pool Game Set

Everybody loves pool games! This Aqua Fun Active Xtreme pack comes with 4 diving sticks, Velcro Rip’N’Catch game, football, and throwing disc. There’s something for everyone in this awesome 9-piece game kit. 4 games, one pack, endless fun!

15. LED Color-Changing Swan

Floating Pool Swan LED

Last but most certainly not least: the giant swan. This isn’t just any swan though, this LED-lit float changes colors before your very eyes, alternating between blue, green, purple, and red. Be the envy of the party with this graceful and magnificent pool accessory!

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