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5 Items to Give Your Home a Farmhouse Chic Look

Jul 11th 2018

 5 Items to Give Your Home a Farmhouse Chic Look

Cozy and filled with charm, the classic farmhouse chic style has seen a rise in popularity in recent years. Farmhouse chic focuses on the natural, textured details of wood and metals, repurposed or vintage accessories, and warm neutral colors, which gives your home a simple, yet sophisticated look.

Overall, the farmhouse chic style should be a balance of old and new. Combining contemporary designs with farmhouse looks, it should look comfortable, inviting and fun. Want to get the look? We have a number of great home decor items to help you get the farmhouse chic style. Here are 5 great items to add to your home:

farmhouse pillow


You don’t need to purchase all new furniture to get the farmhouse look. Instead, you can give an old school touch to your furniture by complimenting it with some decorative pieces. Adding this  Blue Plaid Indoor Square Throw Pillow will transform your furniture, with its neutral colors giving a warm and rustic feel.

wood wall art

Wall Art:

Wall art can make or break a theme. Add a rustic feel to a family room or a living room with the look of repurposed wood, such as this  Tree of Life Black and Brown Wood Wall Art Panel.

Farmers Market Wreath

Floral Decor:

In addition to the natural look of wood and metal, adding a bit of flowers can add life and warmth to a country look. This  Pack of 2 Farmers Market Flower Wreaths can provide a vibrant touch and looks as though the flowers were freshly picked from a country garden.

Bottle Ceiling Light


One major part of the farmhouse chic style is giving your home a repurposed look. That’s what makes the  Farmhouse Style Glass Bottle Cluster Ceiling Light the perfect addition for your home. Featuring a number of clustered glass bottles covering its light bulbs, this ceiling light will make a great addition to your living room, dining room or kitchen.

Farmhouse Plates


One thing to keep in mind is that Farmhouse Chic has a practical look to it. That’s what makes this  Set of 3 Black and White Farm House Style Ceramic Plates perfect for decorating your home. These traditional plates featuring barnyard animals definitely bring a feeling of practicality and have a vintage, hand-me-down look to them as well.

There are so many great items to add to your home to create the farmhouse chic look, but often we find that less is more. You want your home to have a spacious and relaxed feel, so adding these 5 items along with a few of our other farmhouse items could be all that you need to complete the look.