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5 Easy & Helpful Tips for Decorating a Small Bedroom

Jul 24th 2019

 5 Easy & Helpful Tips for Decorating a Small Bedroom

Spacious rooms can seem easy to decorate, but smaller bedrooms can be a lot of fun to decorate as well. Whether it’s the kids’ bedrooms or a guest bedroom that’s providing a challenge, you can find ways to maximize a small space. Even a small master bedroom can become your oasis with the right approach. We hope these tips inspire you to utilize all the space you have in those small bedrooms.

Light Colored Decorated Bedroom

1. Lighten Up

Give your bedroom a touch of light-toned colors to make it appear a bit larger. The light colors keep rooms from looking too busy or enclosed. Light gray is a trending color that will look great in any bedroom. Complement your gray walls with a beautiful dark gray patterned throw and some black pillows on the bed. This will pull the room together. Let those light colors bring elegance to your bedroom. 

Wooden Hanging Coat Racks

2. Small Room, Big Storage Needs

Let’s be honest. Having a small room doesn’t mean you have less stuff! Storage in a small bedroom is a challenge. Under-the-bed storage and hanging racks are well-known ways to maximize your space while keeping that design style. No one likes to be limited on storage, so take advantage of decorative storage options to give your kids or guests as much storage as they need. 

Modern Mirror With Silver Border

3. Optical Illusion

Looking for that ultimate way to make your room appear bigger? Decorative wall mirrors are your friend when decorating a small bedroom. You can give your bedroom an elegant look that will visually double the space. Adding modern or contemporary mirrors to a wall will create that illusion of space giving it the large room feel. Wall mirrors come in a variety of styles and sizes to help you create that look you’re going for while utilizing wall space. 

Wall Decor Above Dresser

4. Use Wall Decor to Save Space

Are you trying to figure out where to add some decor items in your bedroom? Adding wall decor helps free up floor and table space for much needed storage or lighting. You have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to wall decor. You may have a favorite quote or piece of artwork, so use that as part of your decorating. Take advantage of the wall space with wall decor that will represent your home.

Glass Floating Shelves

5. Get Creative With Floating Shelves

Do you have that creative eye when it comes to decorating? If you’re decorating a small bedroom, use floating shelves to your advantage. The unique, yet elegant look of them will capture the attention of your guests. They provide that extra storage you need while saving floor space. Use your creative mind to design the perfect look with floating shelves.

Decorating a small bedroom may seem like a difficult task. However, if you use simple design techniques and decor items you can turn your small bedroom into an elegant space.