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3.25" Black Ignitor Spark Generator for Viking Gas Grills

Current Stock: 100
DMSC 03372
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Why shoving lighter under grates to ignite your grill when you can do it in a single press? Designed to simplify the process, this spark ignitor generator will have you igniting your grill in no time, hassle-free. Easy to install, this is a must-have!

Features a one AA spark generator
Includes male spade/female square connectors
Accepts remote trigger switch
Fits Alfresco AGBQ-30, AGBQ-30B, AGBQ-30BLP, AGBQ-30BNG, AGBQ-30LP, AGBQ-30NG, AGBQ-42, AGBQ-42C, AGBQ-42LP, AGBQ-42NG, AGBQ-42SZ, AGBQ-42SZC, AGSB-2, AGSB-2C, AGSZ, AGSZC, AGVPC, ALX2-30, ALX2-30LP, ALX2-30NG, ALX2-42, ALX2-42C, ALX2-42LP, ALX2-42NG, ALX2-42RFG, ALX2-42SZ, ALX2-42SZC, ALX2-42SZRFG, ALX242SZL; Coleman 85-3118-2, 85-3119-0, 85-3120-4, 85-3121-2, G36301, G53201, G53202, G53203, G53204
Recommended for outdoor use only

Dimensions: 2.56"H x 2"W x 3.31"L
Material(s): plastic

  • Black gas grills ignitor spark generator
  • Includes male spade or female square connectors
  • Features a one AA spark generator
  • 2.56 inches high by 2 inches wide by 3.31 inches length
  • Designed and manufactured by the USA
Product Weight: 0.50 LBS

Product Dimensions: 2.50"H x 2.00"W x 3.25"D

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