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2pc Wire Cooking Grid for Steelman Gas Grill 23.5"

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  • Set of 2 gas grill wire cooking grid for Steelman
  • Made of durable porcelain steel wire
  • Recommended for outdoor use; made in the USA
  • 0.63 inch high by 15.63 inches wide by 23.5 inches deep
DMSC 56202


Whether you are a newbie or a long time grillmaster, this cooking grid is at your service! Robustly crafted with sturdy construction, the design and functionality of this grid are unparalleled. Barbeque ready for the Steelman and Tera Gear brands, the only things left is the meat and the veggies!

Product Features:
Set of 2 black porcelain steel cooking grid
Made of durable porcelain steel wire
Carries exceptional durability for long-lasting service
Recommended for outdoor use only
Made in the USA

Dimensions: 0.63"H x 15.63"W x 23.5"D
Material(s): porcelain/steel

Wire grid set fits most gas grill models Freedom FG-100, Straubelstone AMB24/N, AMB24/P, AMB24/PNT, AMBASSADOR, BI24S-S1/N, BI24S-S1/P, BI24S-S1/PNT, BI36S-S1/N, BI36S-S1/P, BI36S-S1/PNT, CU24S-G4/N, CU24S-G4/P, CU24S-G4/PNT, CU24S-G5/N, CU24S-G5/P, CU24S-G5/PNT, CU24S-G6/N, CU24S-G6/P, CU24S-G6/PNT, CU24S-G7/N, CU24S-G7/P, CU24S-G7/PNT, CU24S-G8/N, CU24S-G8/P, CU24S-G8/PNT, CU24S-S1/N, CU24S-S1/P, CU24S-S1/PNT, CU24S-S2/N, CU24S-S2/P, CU24S-S2/PNT, CU24S-S3/N, CU24S-S3/P, CU24S-S3/PNT, CU24S-S4/N, CU24S-S4/P, CU24S-S4/PNT, CU24S-S5/N, CU24S-S5/P, CU24S-S5/PNT, CU24S-S6/N, CU24S-S6/P, CU24S-S6/PNT, CU24S-S7/N, CU24S-S7/P, CU24S-S7/PNT, CU36/N, CU36/P, CU36/PNT, EXECUTIVE, JEFFERSON 2000-, PT24S-S1/N, PT24S-S1/P, PT24S-S1/PNT, PT24S-S2/N, PT24S-S2/P, PT24S-S2/PNT, PT24S-S3/N, PT24S-S3/P, PT24S-S3/PNT, PT24S-S4/N, PT24S-S4/P, PT24S-S4/PNT, Q24S-AMB24/N, Q24S-AMB24/P, Q24S-AMB24/PNT, Q24S-JEF/N, Q24S-JEF/P, Q24S-JEF/PNT, Q24S-JEF24/N

Product Specifications

Weight Width Height Depth Assembly Requirements
12.20 LBS 23.50" 0.50" 15.50" No assembly required

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