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44' Blue Rectangular Solstice Solar Blanket Swimming Pool Cover - 31520810

169.00 LBS
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A solar blanket is a great investment for every pool owner. In fact, in some areas of the country, a good quality solar blanket may be all you need to warm your pool water and make your pool more enjoyable.

Solar blankets will increase pool water temperature by 10 to 15 degrees (or more in season)
Significantly reduces heating costs by up to 80%
Superior heat absorption and retention
Reduces evaporation, saving water and costly chemicals
Extends swimming season by up to 6 weeks
Solar blankets are made from a durable polymer material with thousands of tiny sealed air bubbles. They float "bubble side down" on the surface of your pool water when the pool is not in use, and allow solar energy to pass through, which is then trapped as retained heat in the pool
Includes a 4-year manufacturers warranty
8 mil thickness
Made in the USA
Solar reel not included

Dimensions: 24' wide x 44' long
Material(s): UV stabilized polyethylene

Note: Photo displays rectangular solar cover that has been custom cut by a customer to fit their pool

Product Weight: 169.00 LBS

Product Dimensions: 528.00"H x 288.00"W x 0.50"D

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