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22.25" Steel Wire Rock Grate for Arkla and Charmglow Gas Grill - 33834093

Current Stock: 101
DMSC 94301
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Heavy-duty and durable, this grill grate do help you grill to perfection, no matter what meat or veggies you toss on it! Ideal for Arkla, Charmglow, Grill Master, MHP, PGS, and Sunbeam brand gas grills, this grate is unrivaled at what it is specialized for - leaving professional sear marks on the food. Just a heads up, the neighbors would come swarming to taste your cooking!

Product Features:
Rock grate is a steel wire heat plate
Carries exceptional durability for a long-lasting service
Made of durable steel wire
Recommended for outdoor use only
Made in the USA

Dimensions: 0.38"H x 13.63"W x 22.25"D
Material(s): steel

Fits gas grill models Arkla 4020U, Arkla 4020U6, Arkla 404UC, Arkla 4051K, Arkla 4051KN, Arkla 4060U, Arkla 4060U6, Arkla 640HD, Arkla 640NG, Arkla GA400517, Arkla GA400617, Arkla U4020, Arkla U4021, Arkla U403H, Arkla U4069, Arkla U5256, Arkla U5262, Charmglow 0606, Charmglow 0606-3, Charmglow 0616, Charmglow 0616-3, Charmglow 0617, Charmglow 0631, Charmglow 0711, Charmglow 0725, Charmglow 0728, Charmglow 0729, Charmglow 10606, Charmglow 10606-3, Charmglow 10616, Charmglow 10616-3, Charmglow 10712, Charmglow 10735, Charmglow 10742, Charmglow 20606, Charmglow 20606-3, Charmglow 20616, Charmglow 20616-3, Charmglow 20712, Charmglow 20731, Charmglow 20735, Charmglow 20742, Charmglow 536X, Charmglow 537X, Charmglow 538B, Charmglow 538G, Charmglow 538T, Charmglow 538X, Charmglow 624A, Charmglow 624J, Charmglow 64016, Charmglow 64036, Charmglow 640HD, Charmglow 65256, Charmglow 65276, Charmglow 8140, Charmglow 823E, Charmglow 8240, Charmglow 824A, Charmglow 824E, Charmglow 824J, Charmglow 8606, Charmglow 8616, Charmglow 8627, Charmglow 8631, Charmglow 8711, Charmglow 8725, Charmglow 8731, Charmglow 8744, Charmglow 87464, Charmglow 8753, Charmglow 8754, Charmglow 9240 front, Charmglow 9240 post, Charmglow 9241, Charmglow 9245, Charmglow 9247, Charmglow 9247 front, Charmglow 9247 post, Charmglow 924A, Charmglow 924J, Charmglow 924N, Charmglow 9606, Charmglow 9606-3, Charmglow 9616, Charmglow 9616-3, Charmglow 9631, Charmglow 9711, Charmglow 972102, Charmglow 9725, Charmglow 9731, Charmglow 9749, Charmglow CG650EP, Charmglow CN650E, Charmglow CN650EP, Charmglow CN650ES, Charmglow CN650S, Charmglow U4021, Charmglow U403H, Charmglow U4069, Charmglow U407H, Charmglow U5256, Grill Master 449RC, MHP TJK, MHP TJK2-N, MHP TJK2-NS, MHP TJK2-P, MHP TJK2-PS, MHP WNK3, MHP WNK4-N, MHP WNK4-NS, MHP WNK4-P, MHP WNK4-PS, MHP WNK4DD-N, MHP WNK4DD-NS, MHP WNK4DD-P, MHP WNK4DD-PS, PGS K40, Sunbeam 449RC

  • Rock grate for Arkla and Charmglow gas grill
  • Features a steel wire heat plate; made in the USA
  • Made of durable steel wire; recommended for outdoor use
  • 0.38 inches high by 13.63 inches wide by 22.25 inches deep
Product Weight: 4.00 LBS

Product Dimensions: 0.25"H x 22.25"W x 13.50"D

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