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20.50" Stainless Steel Burner for Weber Gas Grills

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  • Stainless steel gas grill straight pipe burner
  • Can be used with the Weber models
  • Recommended for outdoor gas grill products
  • 1.75 inch high by 20.63 inches wide by 6.13 inches deep
DMSC 11843


Anyone who relishes adventurous travel will possess an unending love towards outdoor cooking! This burner for Weber brand gas grills is purposefully designed for the aforementioned kind of people with outstanding construction using highly durable material. Perfect for preparing your favorite grilled dishes on the go!

Product Features
Features stainless steel straight pipe burner
Can be used the following gas grill models: Weber 161001, Weber 1750001, Weber 1751001, Weber 1780001, Weber 1781001, Weber 1850001, Weber 1851001, Weber 1880001, Weber 1881001, Weber 2780001, Weber 2781301, Weber 2880001, Weber 5260001, Weber 5270001, Weber 5290001, Weber 5290501, Weber 5360001, Weber 5370001, Weber 5390001, Weber 5390501, Weber 5760001, Weber 5770001, Weber 5790001, Weber 58600001, Weber 5860001, Weber 5870001, Weber 5890001, Weber 7170001, Weber 7171001, Weber 7270001, Weber 7320001, Weber 7371001, Weber 7471001, Weber 7760001, Weber 7770001, Weber 7790001, Weber 7790501, Weber 7810001, Weber 7860001, Weber 7870001, Weber 7890001, Weber 7890501, Weber 931002, Weber Summit 600, Weber Summit 625, Weber Summit 650, Weber Summit 675, Weber Summit A6, Weber Summit E-470 2014, Weber Summit E-620, Weber Summit E-650, Weber Summit E-670, Weber Summit Gold A, Weber Summit Gold A NG, Weber Summit Gold A6, Weber Summit Gold A6 NG, Weber Summit Gold B, Weber Summit Gold B NG, Weber Summit Gold B6, Weber Summit Gold B6 NG, Weber Summit Gold D, Weber Summit Gold D NG, Weber Summit Gold D6, Weber Summit Gold D6 NG, Weber Summit Platinum A6, Weber Summit Platinum A6 NG, Weber Summit Platinum B6, Weber Summit Platinum B6 NG, Weber Summit Platinum D6, Weber Summit Platinum D6 NG, Weber Summit S-470, Weber Summit S-620, Weber Summit S-620 late 2010-, Weber Summit S-640, Weber Summit S-650, Weber Summit S-660, Weber Summit S-670
Recommended for outdoor kitchen concept gas grill products

Dimensions: 1.75"H x 20.63"W x 6.13"D
Material(s): stainless steel

Product Specifications

Weight Width Height Depth Assembly Requirements
1.60 LBS 6.00" 1.75" 20.50" No assembly required

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