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19.25" Steel Wire Rock Grate for Charmglow and Fiesta Gas Grills

DMSC 93301
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Heavy-duty and durable, this grill grate does help you grill to perfection, no matter what meat or veggies you toss on it! Ideal for Charmglow, Fiesta, ProChef, and Sunbeam brand gas grills, this grate is unrivaled at what it is specialized for - leaving professional sear marks on the food. Just a heads up, the neighbors would come swarming to taste your cooking!

Product Features:
Features rock grate with a steel wire
Fits gas grill models Charmglow 0406, Charmglow 0406-3, Charmglow 0416, Charmglow 0416-3, Charmglow 0446, Charmglow 0511, Charmglow 0512, Charmglow 0525, Charmglow 0531, Charmglow 0532, Charmglow 0541, Charmglow 0542, Charmglow 0544, Charmglow 10406, Charmglow 10406-3, Charmglow 10417, Charmglow 10512, Charmglow 10531, Charmglow 10532, Charmglow 10541, Charmglow 20406, Charmglow 20406-3, Charmglow 20512, Charmglow 20531, Charmglow 20541, Charmglow 2500, Charmglow 2700, Charmglow 5125, Charmglow 523U, Charmglow 523V, Charmglow 523X, Charmglow 523Z, Charmglow 525X, Charmglow 527X, Charmglow 533X, Charmglow 534X, Charmglow 535B, Charmglow 535G, Charmglow 535T, Charmglow 535X, Charmglow 543B, Charmglow 6125, Charmglow 6225, Charmglow 63516, Charmglow 63536, Charmglow 6353H, Charmglow 63556, Charmglow 63576, Charmglow 71010, Charmglow 7130, Charmglow 7230, Charmglow 73010, Charmglow 73150, Charmglow 7406, Charmglow 7416, Charmglow 7427, Charmglow 75010, Charmglow 75110, Charmglow 75250, Charmglow 75320, Charmglow 8301, Charmglow 8315, Charmglow 8406, Charmglow 8406-1, Charmglow 8416, Charmglow 8416-1, Charmglow 8511, Charmglow 8525, Charmglow 8531, Charmglow 8541, Charmglow 9125, Charmglow 9130, Charmglow 9230 front, Charmglow 9230 post, Charmglow 9231, Charmglow 9235, Charmglow 9235B, Charmglow 9237, Charmglow 9237 front, Charmglow 9237 post, Charmglow 923V, Charmglow 9327, Charmglow 9406, Charmglow 9406-3, Charmglow 9416, Charmglow 9416-3, Charmglow 9436, Charmglow 9446, Charmglow 9511, Charmglow 9525, Charmglow 9531, Charmglow U35016, Fiesta Advantis EA34552, Fiesta Advantis XA34552, Fiesta Advantis XA34555, Fiesta Classic EH34540, Fiesta Classic EH34552, Fiesta Cook-Rite EL34540, Fiesta Dynasty ET34540, Fiesta EA34540, Fiesta EA34552, Fiesta EA34555, Fiesta EH34540, Fiesta EH34552, Fiesta EL34540, Fiesta ET34540, Fiesta ET34567, Fiesta EZA34535-B301, Fiesta EZA34545-B403, and Fiesta
Recommended for outdoor use only
Made of durable steel wire
Made in the USA

Dimensions: 0.37"H x 12"W x 19.25"D
Material(s): steel

  • Steel wire rock grate for Charmglow brand gas grills
  • Features rock grate with a steel wire
  • Fits gas grill models Charmglow 0406, Charmglow 0406-3, and Charmglow 0416
  • 0.37 inch high by 12 inches wide by 19.25 inches deep
  • Manufactured and designed in the USA
Product Weight: 4.00 LBS

Product Dimensions: 0.25"H x 19.25"W x 12.00"D

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