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Christmas Central has a videos to help you with every aspect of Christmas! Do you want to learn how to decorate like the pros? Want to know more about some of our fantastic pre lit artificial Christmas Trees? Need help setting up your Window Wonder or Artificial Christmas Tree? These videos will help guide you through everything you need to know this Christmas season!


Decorating Your Pre-Lit Christmas Tree
Decorating your tree is a breeze, watch and find out!
Learn About The Artificial Bubble Christmas Tree
Check out one of the newest, fastest selling tree on the market!
Snowfall Christmas Lights
Check out the amazing visual impact of our Snowfall Christmas Lights!
Byers' Choice Handcrafted Figurines Christmas Central is proud to carry Byers' Choice Ltd. Hand Crafted Figurines!
Omega Tree Stand
This video shows how easy it is to use your Omega Tree Stand!
Bethlehem Instant Power Christmas Tree
See how cool and easy the Bethlehem Instant Power Christmas Tree is to set-up and use!
LED Crystal Series
This new series of LED Crystal decorations will perform multiple animated effects.
LED Multi-Color Light String
These lights perform a variety of light sequences that are a joy to watch!
LED Multi-Color Crab Light String
This Crab Light Color-Flip LED light string has two color options, autumn and Christmas!
LED 3-Channel Net Lights
These lights combine the natural shaping ability of net lights with the wide range of settings.
LED 3-Channel Curtain Lights
These lights can be used for all kinds of visual motion effects, from a waterfall to a flashing starfield!
Meteor Shower Twirly Lights Display
The unique flow of the Meteor Shower lights makes a series of stunning effects!
Meteor Shower Lights Display
These lights give an amazing image, like shooting stars!
Redwood Tree Meteor Shower Light Display
Redwood Tree lights will bring any Christmas tree to life!
Tree on Fire Light Display
This video shows how fading effects and color can simulate fire!
Yellow Meteor Shower Display
The movement of the lights gives the impression of falling embers, or stars, making for a beautiful rain of lights!
Blue Crab Lights on Tree
The flow of the blue lights, flickering on and off, makes the tree seem to pulse with life.
Color Flip Light Controller
A good controller can give a lot of options to light decorations!
Invisilite LED Crab Light Strings
Crab lights are an easy way to get a lot of light from one set.
Invisilite Meteor Shower Lights
The soft impression of a large light passing through multiple small diodes simulates a beautiful meteor shower!
Invisilite LED Starfire Sphere
Battery operated LED ornament is lit inside by an ever changing star field.
10 Function High-Power Controller
Choose speed and functions with this 10 function, 8 speed high power controller.
LED 3 Channel Crab Lights
LED crab lights can be programmed with several light animation functions and speed to create an endless array of visual styles.
LED 3 Channel Icicle Lights
Light up the fringe of your house with flowing Icicle Lights.
LED 3 Channel Lights
Make your home a new vision of twinkling, chasing and shifting lights.
LED C6 Faceted Lights
These faceted cone lights give a distinct look, an old fashioned visual to match.
LED Color Flip Crab Lights
This Crab Light Color-Flip LED light string has two color options, autumn and Christmas.
Color LED Flip Light String
In terms of versatile animated lights, hardly any can claim the wide range of options this 3MM Light String offers.
Color LED Flip Tree
A prelit tree with a series of LED light bulbs capable of changing color smoothly, allowing for a series of animated functions.
LED Hanging Crab Lights
Crab lights, as a hanging garland, work well as single long strands.
LED Light String
Make your home a new vision of twinkling, chasing and shifting lights.
LED Twig Lights
These lights are shaped to look like a small twig tree, covered with a series of small lights.
Meteor Shower Lights
These lights give an amazing image, like shooting stars!
LED Multi Channel Tree
This LED-lit tree allows for an already created visual display to appear with a touch of a button!

Hints and Tips

Taking Care of Your Artifical Christmas Tree
Learn how to take care of your Tree and provide basic maintenance!
Learn About Artificial Christmas Trees
Explore the variety of Artificial Christmas trees that Christmas Central has to offer!
Assembling a Sterling Pre Lit Artificial Tree
Learn how to assemble your Sterling Artificial Christmas Tree in less than 10 minutes
Artificial Tree and Storage and Disassembly
Our easy to follow video will make taking down and storing your Artificial Christmas tree a breeze
Assembling a Pre Lit Artificial Tree
Learn how to assemble your Artificial Christmas Tree!
Light Keeper Pro Instructions
Learn how to solve those pesky Christmas light issues with this video!
How to Assemble Window Wonder
Learn how to assemble your Window Wonder!

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Christmas Central on the Today Show
The Today Show recently featured our more modern styles of Christmas Trees and wreaths!
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