History of Stockings

History of Stockings

The Christmas stocking is both a decoration and a hope for the future for children. As the stocking is filled with toys and candy, all kinds of stocking stuffers, the very hanging of one is the hope that Santa will be generous.

The stocking’s origin is unknown, but a folk tale of Saint Nicholas purports to be the truth. The generous Saint, passing by a house where a family lacked dowry money to marry off their daughters, placed sacks of gold in three stocking drying in front of the fire. This story both helped establish Nicholas as a gift giver and, in theory, created this idea of hanging socks or stockings for presents.

Whereas once normal socks and stockings were used for this purpose, no special decorative ones exist. Here at Christmas Central we have an assortment of them, from traditional Christmas colors and patterns, to unusual decorations such as camouflage, or Irish green, or more.

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