History of Mother’s Day

History of Mother’s Day

In terms of holidays representing a family member, the most commonly celebrated one is most likely Mother’s Day. As the holiday representing one’s parent, it is beloved and always remembered.

The history of Mother’s day starts with a series of local holidays throughout the 1800s. Local town celebrations and an attempt in the 1870s by Julia Ward Howe to establish a national day did not reach very far. It was Anna Jarvis, in 1908, who was the first to start the movement. Holding a memorial for her mother on that year, she then began a campaign to turn the day into a holiday. It met with immediate success, the state of West Virginia first recognizing it in 1910, followed by others. In 1914, it was officially voted into law as a national holiday, celebrated the second Sunday in May. Despite her success, however, Jarvis soon was unhappy with the holiday, by the 20’s expressing distaste with the commercialized nature of the celebration.

Some of the common aspects of the holiday can also be traced to the origins. The flower most commonly associated with Mother’s Day is the carnation. This, again, was because of Anna Jarvis, who delivered hundreds of them to the first celebrations. This was because it was her mother’s favorite.

Mother’s Day has been popular up through the present time, being one of the biggest days for sales of flowers and greeting cards, and the holiday with the highest number of long-distance phone calls. Mothers are often greeted with special help throughout the day, with their family doing such things as making the meals for the mother, and taking care of the chores for the day. Gifts, as always, are an important aspect. So don’t forget, when the spring comes, to let the people most important to you know what you think of them.

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