History of Easter

The History of Easter

The Christian holiday linked with Christmas the most is the spring holiday of Easter. Easter is meant to be the culmination, in religious tradition, of what began on Christmas.

The message is that from Christmas to Easter is the life of Jesus. Christmas celebrates his birth, and Easter his death and resurrection. It speaks of the final days of his life, in which he was accused, crucified, and came back to life after three days. For this, the Easter celebration often lasts through the week before the holiday, symbolizing different parts of the story.

Easter, much like other holidays, has gained traditions beyond the original aspects. These exist as a mixture of themes of spring and religious sources. The decorative traditions are the ones mainly being considered here.

One of the most recognizable Easter traditions is the Easter egg. To Christians, the egg symbolizes the empty tomb after the resurrection, as to them it appeared as a stone from which life came forth. Eggs that are painted various colors as statements of art, these are the subject of the ever popular egg hunt, in which eggs are hidden for children to find and collect.

These eggs are said to be hidden by another figure of the holiday, the Easter Bunny. Rabbits, much like eggs, have long been a symbol of spring, so it is natural that they would be a sign of a major spring holiday as well. The Easter Rabbit is a tradition that originated in the 1500s, as just a natural extension of the previous ideas. Depicted most commonly as a large white rabbit in clothes, he brings eggs for children to enjoy on every Easter.

The lily is a flower also connected with the holiday. Pure white, the flower is associated with purity and grace, giving it the sacred meaning that connected it to the Passion story as a symbol of life, joy and hope.

Other symbols for the season includes such things as crosses, with their direct connection to the religious meaning, chickens and chicks as a spring message, and palm branches, that fit both spring and Christianity, and have meaning for both.

While Easter is less widely celebrated than Christmas, arguably, there are still lots of reasons why you might want to decorate your home for this spring celebration.

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