History of Earth Day

History of Earth Day

Earth Day is a holiday dedicated to one purpose: To raise awareness about concerns for the environment. Observed on April 22, it has become an international celebration. Over 192 countries celebrate this holiday, which was made officially an international one in 2009.

The first Earth day was suggested in 1969, at a San Francisco United Nations conference. Soon after, the US Congress ratified their own version of the holiday, set on April 22. The original congressional founder, Gaylord Nelson, is believed to have been motivated by a recent oil spill. He called for a teaching day to be created in order to educate students on the important environmental issues. There was a great deal of success with different cities creating large scale events. Within 20 years, the activities were including over 200 million people in 141 countries, and it has only continued to grow.

The purpose of this holiday, of course, is to hold events and demonstrations to educate and get the word out about the need for environmental action to be taken. Focuses often include conservation events such as tree plantings or cleanups, protests against pollution and destruction of natural resources, and informative exhibits.

Earth Day celebrations take a natural focus, and often include the color green. If you are looking for a different way to add to the Earth Day celebration, however, consider LED lights like the ones we sell. They are ideal for the holiday, because they are more efficient. Using less than a tenth of the electricity of normal bulbs, and burning out far less frequently, they are a perfect item to use to both decorate your home with bright light and still be environmentally minded. For outdoor decorations, solar powered lights are also a good choice, as they consume no exterior electricity at all, instead powered by the energy of the sun. Both of those are readily available decorations, not just for Earth Day but any holiday or event.

So plant a tree, sort some recycling, and take a moment to consider what else you can do to help make the earth a little healthier.

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