Eggnog - the Christmas Tradition

Eggnog - A Christmas Tradition

A popular drink for both adults and kids at the holiday season is eggnog. A milk and egg drink, sometimes with spirits added, it is drunk straight or occasionally used as flavoring or in other foods.

Eggnog has an uncertain history, going back to at least medieval times, most likely in old England. The origin is uncertain, but it was a popular drink by the time the medieval period of history ended. Middle Ages monks from the 13th century on are evidenced to have drunk eggnogs or similar mixed drinks. Even the source of the name is uncertain, with theories of it coming from the word Noggin for a small carved cup, or as a shortening and corruption of the word Grog, a name for rum drinks.

The multitude of farms in the Americas made the drink even more popular due to readily available ingredients. The drink gradually became popular during the Christmas period, gaining more ground as time went on. Versions without alcohol gave children the chance to try this unique drink as well, and the popularity continued to spread.

Although some people purport it is a drink that can be had at any time, any day of the year, people still seem to prefer the Christmas version of the drink. The mixture is also used to flavor coffee and other drinks, and even as a custard base for ice cream. So the question remains, how do you like your nog?

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