Christmas Star Tradition

Christmas Star Tradition

The star is a common Christmas decoration. Traditionally, it appears in one of three forms. Either the classic simple 5 pointed style, a specialized 8 pointed star with elongated top and bottom spike, or the 3-dimensional figure known as a Moravian star.

The meaning of the star has a specific Christian belief attached to it. This has remained consistent from early in the tradition of Christmas, and, excepting basic aesthetic styling, is the main reason for stars as a theme in Christmas. This star is known as the Star of Bethlehem, which is also a name for the earlier mentioned 8 pointed star. The elongated points appear to indicate that the star is pointing directly at the manger from afar.

The star was said, in the Bible, to be a sign that appeared at the birth of Jesus. It was seen by the three Wise Men, who were led by it to the baby Jesus. This star is a common tradition of nativity scenes, usually positioned in the sky when dealing with artwork, or at that top of the stable in constructed scenes.

No matter the shape, the star placed at the top of a Christmas tree usually implies this scene, being the top of the decorations.

Moravian stars are worth mentioning as well. A unique shape made of an inner faceted ball with long points stretching out, it is a German tradition. Beginning as a type of homemade project at the Moravian Boy’s School in the 1830s, it became popular after one of the former students began to produce them. Most often, the shape has 26 points, though they can range from 20 up to 110 points while still being reasonably common.

Beyond the tradition and the religious meaning, it is worth to consider that stars are always a common decorative property. From the beginning they have been a fundamental part of art and decoration, and the Christmas styles also demonstrates this.

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