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Are you tired of sweeping up pine needles and wondering how much water to give your Christmas Tree?  That is why you need an artificial Christmas Tree.  Not only will it be hassle-free, but it will also be one less cut-down tree.

christmascentral.com sells the latest technology in artificial trees.  Don't be fooled by companies claiming they have the same tree for less money; you get what you pay for.  We only deal with the largest Christmas tree companies that sell the absolute best artificial Christmas trees in the world.

Why should you buy an artificial Christmas Tree?

  • They are much easier to decorate.
  • Their needles do not shed which means less mess
  • Non –allergenic 
  • They have a fuller, more luxurious look.
  • They last for years.
  • They are much easier to select than a live tree.
  • They can be set up earlier and left up longer for a longer holiday.
  • By buying an artificial Christmas tree this prevents cutting down a live tree, which is more ecologically sound for our precious environment. Cutting down a real tree is wasteful and highly unfriendly to the environment.
  • They don't have to be watered or maintained.
  • Once the holiday season is over, you can just pack it up and store it until next year.
  • In the long run they pay for themselves.
  • They are less of a fire hazard because the needles are not real.
  • Assembly is so easy one person can set up the whole tree.
  • Comes with a Free tree stand – no assembly required.

All the manufacturers we deal with have a 5-year warranty on the tree and a 3-year warranty on the lights.

90% of the pre-lit Christmas Trees we sell have lights, and some carry Constant ON lights by GE, Dura Lit Lights, Stay Lit Lights and more.  These Christmas lights ensures that the lights will stay on even if a bulb is loose.  You can actually pluck the bulb right out of the socket and all the other lights will stay lit.  Anybody can say that they have lights that stay lit if one goes bad but their lights only stay lit if one burns out. These light sets are one that you no longer need the metal fuses.  They have specially designed fused lamps that will assure that they will never overheat.  This is the best of all Christmas light technology.

PE Christmas Trees:
Enjoy the rich, natural beauty of a fresh-cut Christmas tree with the ease of these superbly crafted beauties.  Each type of tree is exactly molded after the real tree.  For example when they make a PE Scotch Pine they actually take the branch of a real Scotch Pine tree in the forest and make a mold out of it.  They have the look and feel of a real tree, so much detail is put into them that they actually take the time to hand paint each needle! 

The branches of these PE Trees have what is called New Memory Technology.  No matter how long you had the tree you can jump on it, squeeze it, mess it up and they will constantly retain their shape.  No more primping, fluffing, and arranging the branches, these Christmas trees are ready to go. 

Commercial-quality construction of fade, flame and crush-resistant PVC needles that have extra-thick ply to keep their shape year after year.

Individual tree sections have heavy-gauge wire branches that fold into position on metal hinges for durability, easy assembly and convenient storage.

Constant ON lights by GE, Dura Lit Lights, Stay Lit Lights
If you wish to add this technology to any existing tree you can purchase them separately from us.

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