How to Set Up a Christmas Nativity Scene

Setting up a Christmas Nativity Scene

If you are looking to set up a nativity scene but are uncertain as to how, we will be glad to give a hand. Fortunately, most nativity scenes are set in a traditional arrangement, and therefore there is a simple procedure in order to set one up in the proper fashion. No matter the style or scale, it is likely that there are several specific traits that will be the same in any version, so check for these first as you plan your decoration.

The most important thing to place first is the s table, if you have one. As this is the backdrop of the entire scene, it needs to be placed first so as to define the location of the scene itself. Place it somewhere that there will be a fair amount of clearance in front of it for the figures to inhabit, but not so far back that it doesn’t feel like part of the scene itself.

The center figure of the nativity set is, of course, the baby Jesus. Some traditions suggest leaving the manager crib empty until Christmas, and this is a personal choice. But in either case, this figure must be in the center. Mary will be the closest figure, and in most cases, is designed to be looking down at the manger. Joseph as well is in the center, though many put him further away, depending on if the figure is also looking down or not.

After the main family, it’s a matter of slowly expanding backwards and outwards. Usually no other human figures are in the space of the stable itself, with the shepherds closest. The wise men figures are placed just beyond them, normally. Any angels or animals can be liberally scattered around the scene where needed, though placing sheep with the shepherds and camels with the wise men, as mounts, is generally helpful to setting it up properly, if these are available.

Some sets come with a specific angel figure/statue that is meant to be hung. This one is usually hung from the top of the stable, to hang over the entire setting.

And with that, you are set up. It is a simple setup, so perhaps consider other options. If you have children, consider letting them help set up the scene as part of a story, adding characters are they are mentioned, to give them a memory they won’t forget.

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