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The Light Keeper Pro is a powerful tool for fixing strings of lights that we sell. It can detect faults in a wire, clear issues that prevent strings from staying lit after bulbs burn out, and even test bulbs and fuses for quality. All of this is available in single hand held device. Here we will describe the basic use of the device in its normal functioning.

The normal quick fix is as follows. Remove a bulb from the string or string section that is not lighting. You can then plug the empty socket into the socket connector on the front of the Light Keeper Pro. Make sure that the contacts line up properly. Plug the string into the wall next. Once this is all set up, pull the trigger on the device repeatedly until the set lights up. This should happen quickly and once done, the string can be unplugged, the socket removed and the light replaced. Any burnt out bulbs visible after this should still be replaced to improve the lifespan of the set. If the socket does not fit the connector, an unusual but possible situation, there is another option. Above the socket connector is an AC outlet. Before plugging it into the device, check in a normal outlet. If any section is lit, remove a bulb from each lit section to isolate the issue. Once plugged into the keeper, pull the trigger repeatedly as before. Test out the string afterwards in a power outlet to see if the problem is solved.

If after 30 pulls or so the lights do not come back on, there may be a further issue. At this point you will need to use its audible detector. Hold down the black button on the back of the device. A red LED light will indicate the detector is on. Hold the device half an inch from the bulb closest to the plug on the plugged in string. You should hear a beep. If you don’t, unplug the string and turn the plug around before plugging back in. Slowly move the device back from the bulb until the beeping is steady. This is the distance from the string to remain at all times. Sweep the Lightkeeper down the string until the beeping stops. Reverse until the beeping starts again. This will indicate the single bulb that is the issue. Replace the bulb at fault and the string should light again. Note, for icicle lights, the detector can only determine which string of lights is the issue and each bulb on that string will need testing or replacing.

The other features are simple. The tip of the device has two hooks for pulling bulbs from their socket. The light and fuse tester is at the top of the device, behind the puller. A bulb will light up and a fuse will illuminate a red light on top immediately on insertion if good. The Light Keeper Pro can save a family a bundle on replacing strings that just need a quick fix. As that quick fix, you can get a lot of use out of this device. Consider getting one from us today.

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