How to Buy an Artificial Christmas Tree

How to Buy an Artificial Christmas Tree

It can be said that there is no more crucial step to preparing for the holidays than selecting and decorating your Christmas tree. If this year you need a new tree, then it is important to consider all the factors in purchasing the right tree for you.

Before you even begin, however, it is important that you decide to yourself the goal of your tree purchase. Are you looking for a standard style tree, a budget model, or the best that money can buy? We are proud to carry hundreds of varieties of Christmas trees, so there is more than enough to choose from.The shape of the tree can be described as being one of several styles, such as Frasier, scotch, Douglas, and other firs and pines. The apparent realism, as well as the branching and needle style,is all changed by the selected tree.

The available trees also differ in the fullness, the density of branches and needles that gives the tree its appearance. The denser trees usually look fuller, healthier, and more realistic, but at the same time, too high a density will limit the space for ornaments to hang freely. A good way to compare fullness of trees is to check the branch tip count. For trees are similar size and shape, the branch tips will indicate how dense and full the branches are.

The first practical consideration is the space that you wish to put the tree in. A tree ranges from 18 inches to 12 feet and more in height, and the taller the tree, the wider the base that must be considered as well. People who live with limited space may find themselves wishing for a shortened tree, or a narrow pencil profile tree, or even an upside down tree, as any of these options helps with floor space concerns. In particular, the upside down tree makes the bottom of the tree the narrowest, placing the flared out section high up where it does not interfere as greatly with floor space.

The height of the tree is another important factor. The taller the tree, the more surface area there is that must be decorated. This equates to a larger time and money investment to the decoration process. As well, the height of the room the tree is to be placed in must be considered. The general wisdom is to allow at least a foot of clearance between the top of the tree and ceiling of the room, allowing for an effect that doesn’t appear cramped, as well as giving space for the tree topper, if any.

There are options for trees both unlit and pre-decorated in our stores. If you are looking for a simpler experience in tree decoration, pre lit trees are easier and half done. The trees have clearly spaced and set light strands ready for use. On the other hand, you may wish to select the exact light setup for your own tree without any preset options. Just like the basic tree type and shape, this is an important decision based on your needs.

We recommend artificial trees due to their useful and clean nature. They do not require watering, nor do they shed needles to sweep up. They are fire resistant, not risking drying out and becoming tinder, and they last for years of use, rather than a single season.

Throughout this the key is to find the tree that is best for you and your family. Many people assume that trees are all the same, more or less, except for height. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Different trees create a different atmosphere and profile for use.

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