How to Create Outdoor Miniature Trees

How to Make Miniature Lit Trees For Your Yard

A simple decoration to create for outdoor usage is a mini tree. This can be created quickly and with a minimal of effort.

The materials required for this mini tree is a floral easel, which many garden stores carry, 300 lights in 3 sets, approximately, and zip ties.

The first step is to even out the floral easel. Like a painter’s easel, floral ones have the back leg shorter than the front two, so that the entire structure tips backwards. You will want to snip the front legs with wire cutters until the legs are equal, leaving the shape as an even pyramid with a point that faces straight upwards.

Drop the connector end of the string into the top of the easel and zip tie it to the very tip. Then wrap the string around the easel slowly from top to bottom, zip tying it at least once per revolution around the shape. Do the same with the second and third, plugging them into the first string and staggering the wrapping so as to make a light filled shape. And with that, your mini tree is complete. For faster work, place the easel on a rotating device like a lazy Susan for simpler construction.

If you would prefer mini trees that instead imitate greenery, we have a wide selection of artificial trees in small sizes. Any color, shape or form, all are available for decorative accent uses.

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