How to Make Lit Signs and Letters

How to Make Your Own Lit Signs/Letters

A common type of outdoor decoration is the lighted sign. Whether with a window banner or a standing figurine, people love to have a written message for viewers. But if you find yourself having a hard time selecting exactly the message you need, you may find yourself wanting to make your own. This, too, can be done simply and still have a well-lit design.

What you will need for this project includes:
½ inch thick plywood (amount varies for planned letter size and number)
Outdoor latex paint
13/64th drill bit and drill
2 foot pieces of rebar
Silicone caulk
Mini lights

Many places that sell plywood would also have transfer paper and alphabet stencils to help you create clean looking lettering. Cutting the letters out of the plywood with the jigsaw is a fairly simple job if you have those. Another tip to make the job easier is to check for repeating letters in the planned sign. You can save time and assure letter uniformity by stacking boards for repeat letters together. Connect them with a nail on a corner that will be cut off, and then cut them as a single unit.

Next you will want to drill the holes for the lights. Try to measure ahead of time how many holes each letter will take since the different shapes will use different numbers. You want to space the holes at least an inch apart, and around half an inch from the edge of the letter, keeping an even distribution. Much like with the cutting, you should take the advantage of any repeating letters and drill them in a stack. Once the letters have all the holes needed punched out, they should be sanded smooth.

The next step is to paint your sign pieces. Hopefully, you decided on the pattern and color of the sign when you first decided what to make. As noted, the best choice is to use outdoor latex paints. After the paint is dried, slide the mini lights into the holes and dab them with silicone caulk to hold them in place. The sign can be held in place in the yard by securing the letters to rebar segments pounded into the ground behind them. Put it all together and tell the world exactly what Christmas means to you!

Of course, as stated, there are many pre made signs for sale. Everything from lighted wire frames to inflatable messages is in our store, ready for use. So the choice is yours as to which path is best for you.

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