Driveway Arches Project

Project: Make Pathway Arches

This decoration tip is to create a series of arches that can be used over walkways, paths, or even a driveway in the largest scale. The version described here will be the largest, for driveways, so as to give the upper limit of what might be needed for this.

The first thing you will need is 1 ¼ inch Schedule 40 electrical PVC pipe. To determine how much you need, measure the width of the path it must cross over. Then divide that by 2 to get the height that the arch will reach, and multiply it by 3.14(roughly pi) to determine the total length of pipe that will be needed. For example, a 15 foot wide driveway would have an arch 7.5 feet in height and be about 23.5 feet in total length of pipe for a single arch. Since pipe usually comes in 10 foot segments, just cut the third piece to needed length and use the remainder for a second arch or some other project.

The other materials you will need for this are:

24 feet of ½ inch rebar
Green spray paint
Nylon rope
One inch screw eyes
Silicone caulk
Automotive grease
Christmas lights (around 1000 for each arch)
Garland (around 100 feet for each arch)
Chop saw with general purpose metal cutting blade

Once you decide how many arches at what size you are going to make, you can get started. First, since PVC pipe comes in a dark gray color, it might be a good idea to paint it a more appropriate color. Some recommendations are a more neutral white or perhaps dark green to match garlands. Assemble the PVC pipes into a single length, preferably greasing the ends as you connect them, so that later they will be easier to take apart.

Cut the rebar with the saw into 4 foot segments (eye protection is recommended at this point, and the rebar should be dipped in water or left to cool before touching afterwards). Pound the rebar into the ground 1 ½ feet on either side of the path or driveway, tilted inwards slightly. Then you slip the ends of the PVC over the rebar segments.

To tie down the arches after they are all set up, you will need to either drill a hole into the structure facing one side of the arches, or if there is none, wrap a rope around a piece of rebar in front of the arches. Use the screw eyes on the wall to attach the nylon rope, using the caulk to waterproof it. Whichever option you take, you will tie the rope to each arch in turn, pulling it taut to prevent movement. At the end, stretch the rope to a second piece of rebar at the other end, and wrap it tight. Place spare PVC over any exposed rebar segments so that no one gets injured by it, and the arches will be all set. Place garland on the arches first, twisting it around and using a zip tie every 12-24 inches to secure it, and finally add the lights, and your arches are all set.

Some people might not feel they are handy enough to do a job like this, so we do have some other options. In particular, we offer large topiary arches, 8 feet in height and between 5-8 feet across that could be used for walkway purposes. They also come pre-lit, so that if you want the experience of archways without being confident of your industrial skills, this would be a good second option.

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