How to Make a Decorative Fence

How To Make a Decorative Fence For Your Yard

Decorative Fence DIY

A lit, decorative fence is an excellent way to border your yard, while also encouraging foot traffic to not get too far into the lit and wire strewn areas of your property. This is creatable with just a few steps.

The materials needed for this are:
Rebar cut into 4 foot lengths
¾ plumbing PVC pipe cut into 3 foot lengths
Spray paint (optional)

To determine how much of each item you are going to require for your fence, you will need to determine how long the fence is going to be, and how regularly spaced the posts are going to be. For example, if the perimeter of the yard being covered is 80 feet, and you want the posts spaced 4 feet apart, which means that, dividing 80 by 4, you will need 20 each of the Rebar and PVC, as a length of each forms each post. The lights just need to be enough to stretch between all the poles.

Painting the PVC is an optional step, but also one that allows you extra decorative options. You could paint it colors to match the lights attached to it or, perhaps for example, red and white striped like a candy cane or some other festive design. Leaving it white colored is an option, of course, if you don’t feel painting is necessary in this case.

The assembly is simple. Embed the rebar into the ground at the predetermined positions for the fence posts. Sink at least a foot of the rebar into the ground with each. Place the PVC over the rebar posts, but not before cutting a notch an inch deep and ¼ wide on the top. Thread the lights through the notches, only wrapping around the first and last posts in the fence, leaving enough slack for it to droop down like a swag decoration.

Determining the amount of lights needed is another quick bit of math. The amount of light needed in a hanging swag is equal to the length between the posts and how far down the lights are meant to droop. If the poles have a 6 foot gap between them, the lights are meant to droop 2 feet, so 8 feet of lights will be needed. If say, you have 20 posts with this spacing, that’s a total of 120 feet of light, so you will need more than one adaptor in this case.

Christmas Central offers a pre made series of fences as well. From pre-constructed garden fences to lighted walkway fences, and swag lighting meant for decorative hanging, we have options that can fit for people who don’t have enough time or technical confidence to create the fence decorations from scratch.

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