How to make a Cone Tree

Creating Your Own 10' Cone Tree

A huge tree style decoration is very striking. In this case, we are looking at a 10-20 foot or so tree made of a center pole with strings of light stretching from top to base in a cone shape. This large structure can make for an excellent centerpiece for any yard, so let’s go through how to create one from scratch.

The materials here are for a 10 foot tall tree, so adjust any measurement accordingly if you intend to make a taller one.

You need: 10 foot length of 1 ¼ inch electrical conduit
10 foot length of 1 inch electrical conduit
20 feet of ½ inch electrical PVC
Circular electrical cover plate about 4 inches in diameter
8 feet rebar
(40) 3/8 inch fender washers
3/8 inch threaded rod 12 inches long
(3) 3/8 inch nuts
8 clothesline hooks with 2 nuts per hook
Zip ties
Lights (around 2,500 or so)

The first thing that will need to be assembled is the topper to the tree, as the lights will be attached to it. First, you will need to drill 8 holes in the electrical plate, the same diameter as the clothesline bolts, evenly spaced and as close to the edge of the plate as possible. Drill another hole in the center of the plate the same diameter as the threaded rod. Inset the clothesline hooks into each hole, threading the nuts above and below the plate so as to hold the hooks securely. Feed the threaded pole through the center and attach with a nut. Slide the washers onto the bottom of the rod and secure the bottom with the wing nut. The weighted tree topper is now assembled and the tree can be created now.

Next is to cut the one inch diameter conduit to 7 feet, and drive it two feet into the ground. Attach the tree topper you created to the end of the 10 foot 1 ¼ inch diameter conduit, and slip the other end over the exposed conduit sticking out of the ground.

After building the trunk, the base is next. Take the lengths of ½ inch electrical PVC and connect them together at both ends, leaving a large circle. Place the circle on the ground around the trunk. Cut the rebar into lengths of 2 feet each. Drive the segments into the ground inside where the base is lying, and then life the base and attach it an inch from the top of the rebar segments with zip ties.

With the frame complete it is time to add the lights. You will need an adaptor with multiple plugs, like a lawn stake with multiple outlets. Attach it near the top of the tree. Plugging in lights near the top, thread one through one of the clothesline hooks and then pull it to the base, loop it around, and bring it back to the top. Repeat with all the lights, noting that a good uniform appearance has the strings touch the base approximately 4 inches apart. Once all the lights are in place, you’ll have a wonderful cone shaped tree covered with lights.

For the consumer who would prefer the same effect from a bought product, we have two options. We have multiple so called show trees, lights arranged in a cone around a center pole, much like the mega tree project. These come in multiple sizes and colors, and some have automated or selectable patterns of flashing and display. And for the truly large projects, often ones for public or park displays, we have commercial sized Christmas trees. Constructed with panels of greenery over a wire frame center, these massive cone trees can be anywhere from 18 to 50 feet tall, for those who are in great need of something huge for their Christmas work.

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