Christmas Safety Tips

Christmas Safety Tips

During the holiday season, a lot can happen. Decorations include a lot of heavy lifting, large, bulky objects being balanced, wiring and lighting, and more. That’s why it may be wise to consider a few simple safety tips for decorating and enjoying your Christmas.

Whenever working with lights, there are several steps that can be taken to minimize any risk. First, if the lights are not new, check the string over carefully. Any broken or burnt out bulb should be immediately removed. Also check to make sure that the wire is not frayed or damaged. Either age or gnawing creatures may have left the insulation damaged, and less safe to use. Discard any particularly damaged strings. For that reason, it is also important to never hang strings of lights by putting nails or staples through the wire, as this damages the circuit and the insulation, causing a general decrease in how safe it is.

Once you have the lights ready for use, there are a few facts to still watch. There is a limit to how many strands of lights you can link together end to end. The way to figure this is to add the listed string wattages together. For our lights, the recommended maximum is about 210 watts. It is not recommended to exceed this in a single circuit, as it may lead to overloading and heating. Keep larger bulbs away from flammable materials if they are not LED, as they give off a lot of heat. Our artificial trees are fire resistant. While this isn’t the same as unable to burn, it doesmean that they will not burn quickly or easily, so hot lights aren’t as much of a concern there. Of course, if you still worry, LED lights have much lower wattages and give off far less heat, so peace of mind can be acquired that way.

When decorating a roof, there are several steps to consider. First, while you certainly need someone’s assistance at all times, as a spotter at minimum, that person should not be a child. As you likely are far larger than a child, they will have a much harder time keeping a ladder secure. Second, be careful to check your extension cords for shorts and damage much like the lights needed checking. Also, make sure that any lights or other electricity using devices are rated for outdoor use, so as to not risk them not handling the elements. Our products always indicate if they are usable outdoors or not. Make sure to carefully secure any larger decorations that are being placed on the roof, particularly if the weather in your area calls for heavy precipitation or wind. The last thing you want is for your huge Santa roof figure to suddenly topple.

Whether it is for indoor or outdoor setups, you want to be careful about leaving your lights on too much. While it may feel like a nice touch to leave your lights on all night, that wastes energy and also risks a fire. So be sure to turn off your lights when you go to bed. Alternately you can set up a timer if you want the lights to stay on a bit longer than your sleeping schedule. Always shut off your indoor lights at night as well.

There are considerations when decorating a tree, as well. Before decorating, of course, you must make sure that the tree is well secured and balanced, so that there is no risk of it toppling either during or after decoration. The broken materials of the decorations would be a risk, to say nothing of being struck by the tree.

While actually trimming the tree, you first want to be certain to use fire resistant decorations, particularly if you are using a lot of lights. Tinsel and garlands especially should be checked for fire resistance. As our garlands are made of the same materials as the trees, for the most part, they are also fire resistant. If there are small children or animals in the house , consider minimizing the number of sharp or fragile glass ornaments that you hang from the tree, to reduce risk of knocking any down. If your tree is flocked, be careful when moving it. Flocking is loose and can rise into the air, and can cause irritation if inhaled. It is also something that might be wise to avoid around children or animals.

Wax candles must be used carefully due to the risk of open flame. First, never use candles on a Christmas tree. Even if it is fire resistant, the heat of the flame is likely to cause damage or even a fire. Second, make sure the candles are carefully secured wherever they are placed, and that they are out of the reach of children and animals. Make sure the candles are not on a surface that will wobble or shift easily, and that there is no clutter or flammable objects around them. Also be certain that the candle is in a safe, nonflammable holder as well. NEVER leave lit candles unattended. Make sure to extinguish them in such cases, particularly if you are about to leave the house.

Exercise proper lifting technique at all times. Bend at the knees and use the lifting power of the legs instead of bending at the back to lift heavy items. Whether taking out or putting away items, it is important to wisely stack the storage containers and items. Make sure that stacks are not wobbling and are stable, and out of the way of any possible foot traffic.

With these tips it should not be a problem to have a safe and fun Christmas.

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