Silhouette Yard Art

Silhouette Yard Art

One of the most common forms of yard art is the lighted silhouette. As a flat and therefore easy to store decoration, silhouettes make for efficient and convenient decorating. There are two main types, wireframe and holographic.

Wire frame silhouettes are just as the name implies: a metal or plastic rigid frame ringed by lights of various colors in order to make a single lit shape. The colors of the light and the backing frame assists in making a design clearly visible when lit. As these are more common, they are the economy choice, costing relatively little in comparison to the aesthetic effect you will get out of it.

If you would prefer something a bit less outline styled in your decoration, there is the holographic option. While superficially constructed the same as the normal wireframe, the wireframe on these decorations is then covered by a flat plastic material that forms the image of the decoration. The lights are strewn behind it, in order to light up the entire design. This creates a glowing image rather than a brightened outline.

Both types of decoration are usually one sided, only lit up on one side, so that that side must face the way the decoration is meant to be displayed. They work equally well in the middle of a yard display, up against the house, or even as an indoor window decoration, so be sure to select the type you’d like the most.

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